Friday, April 15, 2011

Xxotic Angels April Feature Natalie Marie

Measurements: 34dd 24 38
Height: 5'5
Weight: 125
Eye Color: dark brown
Hair Color: brown
Nationality: full italian :)
Birthday: 7/30/85 leo
Hometown: Warren, Ohio
Twitter @0nataliemarie0

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels April Feature
Natalie Marie

Interview by New York

XA - Finally Natalie Marie Is in 
The Building!! lol 
Welcome to Xxotic Angels Luv!!!  
Natalie- thank u sorry i've been busy
XA - That's good you're busy
and I have you now Babygirl!!
So I'm Happy!! lol

XA - How has things been going 
for you Beautiful? 
Natalie- I'm good thanks :)

XA -  Where are you from and was 
you born and raised there? 
Natalie- I am from ohio... was born there 
but was raised in ohio, pittsburgh 
and new jersey

XA - Growing up was you one of 
the boys favorite? 
Natalie- Haha ya .... always been one of the boys was an athlete growing up, so the boys have always showed me love i definitely developed faster than 
the other girls lol
XA - lol I would of been running
after you too.

XA -  You recently made the move to the Big Apple why? 
Natalie- wanted a change of scenery i sure got it... ny is amazing i still have my place there... but back in vegas for right now... that weather this past winter was 
not the business 

XA - You've done some major stuff  Playboy, American Curves, Maxim Espanol, The Source Digital Dime,
 Hip Hop Weekly, Lowrider, Girls of Lowrider.... etc. 
How long have you've been modeling? 
Natalie- On n off 4 yrs i should be further along in my career but i didnt take it too serious i've never even been to an audition or casting ... i dont work for an agency... or have a manager so almost everything
i've done i've gotten myself

XA -  How did you kick start 
your modeling career? 
Natalie- I won this contest in vegas called 
"The Hot 100"  the winner got 15gs n that just so happened to be me... that opened a lot of doors

XA - Can you remember your 
first photo shoot?  
Natalie- haha ya wow we wont talk about that let's just say i've came along way... as u should every shoot should be better than the last

XA - What didn't you know then, 
that you know now? 
Natalie- So much, i learn something new every shoot, every photographer, i like to grow and strive to be better. 

XA - Alright now you got all the guys at  attention the question is are you single? 
Natalie- no i'm not, i rarely am... so catch me if u can!

XA -  Freak'em song that if this
 is play dude's in trouble for the night? lol 
Natalie- hmmm i dunno im pretty hood with my music choices so maybe some old school keith sweat classic.
XA - Wow!! I'm so surprise
by the choice lol

XA - Is that how you keep that Hot body of yours in shape, by working out?  
Natalie- oh jeez well i fluxuate a lot in my weight but i am a personal trainer and 
i do have a trainer ... my downfall i eat whatever i want whenever i want
XA - Lucky you lol

XA - How many times a week 
do you work out? 
Natalie- A lot it's part of my daily routine 
atleast 4 but 5-6 is ideal

XA - Away from modeling what do you do
for funor to relax? 
Natalie- i love to travel it's my passion. i like learning about other people and their culture and history it intrigues me... i'm very into my italian heritage so
i'd luv to go this year to italy

XA - Now I want to talk about this 
Lingerie Convention. lol 
How did this happen 
and where was this at? lol 
Natalie- not a big deal it's in vegas just a lot of lingerie n skinny girls i worked a booth and did a fashion show.... but i'd rather go to a strip club the girls are hotter
XA - lol me too 

XA - Do you wear lingerie and what type do you prefer? 
Natalie- anything that looks good, i try all different types... i have soo much and 
it must match a pet peev of mine. 
Normally a bra garder n thong
XA- Nice!!!

XA - Is that what you are wearing 
while you're doingthis Q&A now? lol 
Natalie- no i'm in my gym clothes
XA - Still Hot!!! 

XA - So you was a spokesmodel
for Royal Blunts? 
Natalie- ya they are cool... 
i prefer swishers
XA - White Owl or Dutch puff puff pass lol 

XA - How many boxes of Blunts you have at home? lol 
Was you a fan of prop 19 in Cali? 
Natalie- haha i had a serious stash but i ran thru that a long time ago... 
of course LEGALIZE IT!!!
XA - That's what I've been saying lol

XA  -  Give love to all of Natalie Marie fans and say hello to the new ones?
Nataile- for the followers and fans thank you for the support much luv xoxo

XA - I know you have a video you did with the artist President and Jim Jones, 
what else you have coming up? 
Natalie- yes my first video... well actually my first issue of Playboy 
comes out next week :)

XA - Random: Is your sex drive like flashing lights of the night life of the city
or like the traffic in the city with yellow cabs moving nowhere? lol
Natalie- Im a big city girl flashing lights baby!
XA - lol

XA - I would like to thank Natalie Marie for this interview,
if you want more of her check these links out.

XA - After doing this interview with Natalie Marie she later informed me
that she just got the cover of Playboy's Vixens!!!
Congratulations Beautiful!!!
Make sure you pick up your copy at news stands

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  1. Curvy Italian girls are my favorite! Latin but with a smaller waist ooooooh

  2. Shes beautiful and her bosom is large.

  3. Natalies bosom looks pretty showing over the top of her corset pressed against that table, she is a sight to behold, with no bra to cover her naked, big bosom.