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Xxotic Angels April Feature Kelley Elizabeth

Measurements: 32C, 24, 34
Height: 5'6
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: blonde
Nationality: german and irish and a lil bit of everything else ;) 
Birthday: 11-27-88
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Twitter: @kel_e_lizabeth

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Kelley Elizabeth

Interview by New York

XA - Hello Kelley, how are you?
Kelley- Really good, thanks!

XA - Welcome to Xxotic Angels Beautiful!!
XA - I have to say you have a Gorgeous smile and pretty eyes!!!
Kelly- Awh, thank you! You're sweet

XA - So you're a student, what school are you attending?

Kelley- I go to Ohio State

XA - What's your major and are you a junior or senior?
Kelley- Im a senior studying gerentology and child psychology, im a double 
major sorta
XA - That's Good Babygirl!!

XA - So when did you get into modeling?
Kelley- I started modeling in high school when I was with a local agency, but now I have been independent for a few years and it's much better!

XA - What made you say I want to 
be a model?
Kelley- When I first started, I was scouted out at the mall.  They asked me if I were interested in attending a photoshoot to see how things went.  I never really said it's all I wish to do with my life, I have a lot of dreams and goals!

XA - So what do you love 
about modeling?
Kelley- Easy money!!  Who doesn't 
love that?

XA - You have for the ladies any tips on how you keep your figure so fit?
Kelley- I am the worst person to ask about diet and exercise! I'll hit the gym for a week, and then not go back for two months.  
I'd say it's mostly genetics for me.  
XA - lol

XA - Name a few things where we might have seen you?
Kelley- Mostly just online stuff right now, unless you're from Ohio and you saw me at some events.  I am published online in That's Hot Magazine and Envy Magazine.  I am working on a few projects though, so be ready!

XA - Where are you from and were you born and raised there?
Kelley- I am from Cincinnati, Ohio but I currently live in Columbus for college.  

XA -  First place you would take me to, in your town if I came to visit?
Kelley- My work!! The Tiled Kilt!! It's the best place to go for a cold beer and some good food! And I'm sure you'd love the view too ;) 
XA - I'm coming for a visit lol

XA - Growing up, what was that 
like for you?
Kelley- Pretty average, no complaints!  I had a really good childhood, my family is really close. 

XA - Are you the girl next door 
in your town?
Kelley- Hmm, probably not! I'm sorta a party girl.. I always have been! 
XA - lol  I love party girls!!

XA - When did boys come into the picture has you were growing up? lol
Kelley-To be honest, I didn't get my confidence until high school.  I was shy and really tall as a kid.  I was 5'5 when I was 10 so I was expected to be some giant!  But then high school hit, and all the other girls caught up, and then I was hot and dating college boys.  It worked out well in my opinion.  I had a lot of fun. 

XA - Ok the boys want to know are you rubbing toes with any one for partying 
with the girls till love finds you? lol
Kelley- I'm just partying for now! Young and havin fun!!

XA -  Kelley always fall for this 
type of fella?
Kelley- It's really rare I fall for a guy.  
I'm usually more of the guy when it comes to dating.  

XA - What advice could you give guys on dating a model that's Hot like you?
Kelley- Be witty and confident, and know how to have a good time.  I get bored easily, so keep it interesting. 

XA - While doing this interview, what do you have on that's sexy?
Kelley- I'm in a hoodie and boy shorts, I think it's still pretty hot ;) 
XA - lol I do too

XA - So you was a Matrix hair lead promotional model.
How many times did they have to cut your hair?
Kelley- I never really had my hair cut changed, just color!  
I represented a color line they had coming out.  It was when I was with my agency. 

XA - What tips did you learn from Matrix for your hair the other girl might not know?
Kelley- Matrix taught me nothing, they damaged my hair really bad... hahaha a different question?? I don't want to bad mouth but I dont really want to represent them anymore either, 
it was a job. 

XA - Other then being naked, what do you like to wear around your place that's sexy?
Kelley- I love lace!  I think it's so sexy! 
XA - On a you I do too!! lol

XA - Any hidden talent you have, that we wouldn't believe you can do?lol
Kelley- I can read minds, be careful ;) 
XA - I think the stuff I have up in my mind might scare you lol

XA - Tell me about the Arnold Classic?
Kelley- I loved it!!  I worked for Title Boxing and represented their gym and was a ring girl for the MMA and boxing fights!  My grandpa used to box and he just passed away this last fall, so it was a bit emotional for me, but it was nice to have fun and think of him and what he used to love!
XA - Sorry to hear about your grandpa Beautiful!! 

XA - Did you learn any moves from any of the MMA Fighters?
Kelley- I wish! I am not a fighter though 

XA - Great Sex and ok boyfriend or Great Boyfriend but ok sex?
Kelley- I used to always say there is no such thing as ok sex, until I met this one guy.  Ha! Well, let's just say I'd pick great sex any day! 
XA - lmao You are too Beautiful!!

XA - What do you have coming up we need to be looking out for?
Kelley- If I tell you, I'd have to kill you hehe
XA - So you're a not a fight but a killer instead lol

XA - Ok give love to all of Kelley fans, and say hello to the new ones?
Kelley- Thanks everyone for supporting me!! I love you and be ready for more! 
XA - We can't wait to see more of you!!

XA - So what's your song you just have to get up a dance?
Kelley- Micky Avalon - So Rich So Pretty ... my fav song! 

XA - What do you and your girlfriends do to make sure the night will be good?
Kelley- Dress hot, shots of patron, and stay together!  
XA - I like all 3, wonder how I can get invited? lol

XA - Do you own adult toys or watch any adult movies?lol
Kelley- A girl doesn't share those secrets ;) 
XA - lol some do and some don't

XA - Would you ever do Playboy?
Kelley- You'll find out soon enough! 
XA - Ok Beautiful!! I want the scoop first!! lol

XA - The one position that makes you go Oh Yeah Baby?lol
Kelley- I kiss but never tell 
XA - lol

XA - I would like to thank Kelley Geisen for this interview
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