Thursday, April 14, 2011

Xxotic Angels April Feature Charlie Miranda

Measurements: 36D;29;41
Height: 5'6
Weight: 165
Hair Color: BLACK
Birthday: 7-04-87
Hometown: NEWARK

Xxotic Angels Feature 
Mizz Charlie

Interview by New York

XA - Hello Luv, I want to  thank you
for this interview. 
Charlie- No problem, your welcome :)

XA - I first want to say you are Beautiful!! 
What's the first thing you get complemented on when someone see's you the first time? 
Charlie- Lol umm I guess my face! I usually get " Omg your beautiful" !!

XA - So you're a jersey girl?
Do you fist pump? 
Charlie- Hell yes!!! haha
XA -lol

XA - Where you born and
raised in jersey? 
XA - Newark (Brick City)

XA - At what age did you get boy crazy or didn't pay them any mind? 
Charlie- Never was really boy crazy, I usually played them lol
XA - lmao Bad Girl hmmm

XA - The first place you take me to in jersey if I've never been? 
Charlie- Probably Hoboken, I like to go there and walk around, look at
the view of NY.

XA - What got you into modeling? 
Charlie- I've always been photogenic & I love photography.

XA - How was your first time in front
of the camera? 
Charlie- I was a little nervous at first but then i got comfortable & realized it came naturally. :)

XA - I read in your bio that you do painting, sculpting, graphic design, photography? 
You are multitalented lol What spark your interest in all these fields? 
Charlie- I've always been artistically inclined, when I was young I always did arts & crafts. I got accepted into an ART highschool & learned how to sculpt, paint etc I'm pretty good at it lol

XA - Hardest question of this interview, guys fingers are crossed. 
Are you single or is there some lucky dude you with? 
Charlie- I'm not single at the moment lol sorry guys :(

XA - What kind of guy does  like? 
Charlie- I don't really have a type but I prefer interesting, smart & funny guys.

XA - Random: Is your sex drive like fast and the furious or a traffic jam on the New Jersey turnpike moving nowhere?lol 
Charlie- LMAO that's funny. Well its not a traffic jam lol But it all depends on the guy, if I have that vibe with you then its on, if your whack then we're not even going to go there lol

XA - What does  Mizz Charlie do when she's not modeling and need fun? 
Charlie- I go out with my friends, have a couple of drinks & dance! 

XA - Show some love to all of your fans out there? 
Charlie- I love & appreciate all of my fans, w/o them I wouldn't be doing this!

XA - What do you have coming up that you want us to watch out for? 
Charlie- I have a few features on some websites, some parties I will be hosting, videos, and a calendar for next year!!

XA - So you like to be goofey at times, what the goofiest thing you've done that you can tell us? lol Charlie- Oh boy, umm i'm goofy 24/7 what don't I do haha I take really crazy pictures, I make silly videos with my friends, I do it all! Can't really explain you just have to know me to 
witness this mess lol

XA - What can you do that
most pretty girls can't? 
Charlie- Well I hope being pretty isn't just what females depend on, but I am very artistic & multi talented! I don't only rely on my looks, I'm very smart. I can do pretty much anything 
i set my mind to!

XA - You have a few  tattoos how many? 
Charlie- I have 8 right now but I want a few more :)
XA - I have to catch up I only have 2 lol

XA - What are you wearing while doing this interview?  
Charlie- #nice question lol Zebra print boy shorts & a tank top ;)
XA - lol trying to have a mini fantasy here

XA - Do you watch adult movies or have any toys? 
Charlie- I don't have any toys but I do enjoy a good brazilian porn once in a while! 
Their butts are just beautiful haha
XA - I have to agree with you on that one lol

XA - Rate your freak level from 1- 20?
Charlie- ... Hmm i would say 17  I get down, but there's just certain things I will NOT do! 

XA - What do you wear that anytime a dude see you in it, he saids Damn?lol 
Charlie- I'm really not one to dress flashy, i'm very simple! Less is more to me, but a nice form fitting dress & heels or even leggings with a t shirt! I always get  a "damn" 
no matter what I put on lol
XA - lol

XA - Tell me a Steamy Fantasy that you want to happen that hasn't yet for you? 
Charlie-A beautiful woman with a nice ass cleaning my house
in some underwear, oh yea lol 
XA - lmao I feel you on that one Beautiful!!

XA - I would like to thank Mizz Charlie for this interview, if you want 
more of her check these links out. 

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