Friday, April 1, 2011

Xxotic Angels April Feature Bailey

Measurements: 36-25-42
Height: 6’
Eye Color:  Brown
Hair Color:  Black
Nationality:  African American
Birthday: May 1st               1987
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Twitter: @baileywanted

Booking Info: or 

Xxotic Angels Feature 
Bailey Wanted

Interview by New York

XA - Hello Bailey, how are you Beautiful? 
Bailey- Oh, your so sweet. I’m doing 
pretty good.

XA - Ok, how long have you 
been modeling?
Bailey- about 2½ years. I absolutely love it.

XA - Tell us a bit of things that 
you have done?
Bailey- I started off with runway a year ago. If you haven't noticed the long legs. Lol. Yeah, I really 

loved doing runway but I started having problems with the designers. They would book me for shows and then when I get to the fitting they would say I look smaller in print. lol Ouch! Yeah so I switch it up on 'em. Too much booty for the runway. 

XA - Yeah you do have Booty!! lol

XA - You're from Minneapolis, home of the singer Prince?
Bailey- Lol Yea.

XA - Is the song Purple Rain still played a lot there?
Bailey- Lol. Oh cute, 
you got jokes!
XA - And You Know This
(in my Smokey form Friday's voice) lol

XA - What was you thinking when you saw the roof of the dome fall?
Bailey- Well no offence but the boys weren't having that great of a season anyways...but
XA - lol no they weren't good all season

XA - Did you hear if Brett Farve's coming back yet? lol
Bailey- Here we go. lol
XA - Well they only gonna play half a season anyway lol

XA - What was you like as a teenager?
Bailey- Ugh! Let's not even go there, please. Let's just say I was really tall and socially awkward.

XA - When did boys enter the picture?
Bailey- LATE! Lol. I was a late bloomer boo. It was a rough 4 year. Lol
XA - lol

XA - So you are 6 Ft?

Bailey- Yesir!

XA - You are a tall drink of water lol

XA - Did you play any sports in high  school or college?
Bailey- Yes I loved playing sports. I lettered in like everything. Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Drill Team.

XA - Do you think we can play a game of one on one in basketball? 

(I'll have to put on the old jordans first) lol.

Bailey- Go head and Dust off those J's let me teach ya something. Just kidding.

XA - Oh lol

XA - Guys are reading this and want to know if you're single?
Bailey- Is that so… Yes I am.

XA - is your sex drive like a drive like two dolphins swimming in the ocean or like dragon flies skipping in the water? Lol 

Bailey- What? 

Lol. Im Confused… you said something bout sex right?
XA - Yes I did!! lol

XA - What kind of guy do you go for? 
Bailey- Where do I begin… I really like strong confident men.
XA - Looks or Money mean anything or is it about the guy and his heart? 
Bailey- You got to have heart to be with me, not that sensitive shit. Lol. Like… the heart on a lion. (shout out to my Leos) lol. To keep it real though, all the above.

XA - Sexiest thing you wear to bed besides being naked?

Bailey- ...  damn! I was gonna say naked... um...  I don't know. I have like a 

serious panty fetish. So I just always sleep topless with a pink, blue purple, leopard print, 
silk or lace thong.
XA - Yes!!! lol

XA- Have you ever had relations with a woman? or just do the Katie Perry?

Bailey- ... um... no... lol.

XA - lol

XA - What do you like to be 
complimented on?

Bailey- I love to hear new pick-up lines guys are so funny. lol

XA - What's the most creative thing a guy has said or done to get you to talk to him?

Bailey- I guess a fight broke out outside the club because there was weave and 
ripped clothes 
everywhere ... long story short a guy picks up the shoe runs up to me and say "Damn girl I was 
looking for yo ass all night... aren't you my Cinderella?" Too funny, 
I had to give him the digits.. 
was 19 by the way.
XA - CTFU!!! I'm gonna have to 
use that one lol

XA - What's the one thing that can always make you smile? 

Bailey- Just mention 50Tyson and I’ll laugh every time. I Aint Gonna Lie Man, shout out to my boo 50Tyson. I love that guy. lol

XA - What's new that you have coming up, we need to be on the look out for?
Bailey- If your looking for me you can always find me on my website that’s 
You can also catch me in the Issue 7 of My Inception Magazine on 
shout out to @LoveGabbie

XA - Show some love to all your fans?
Bailey- I love my twitter Family @KimberlySteward @CheckMC @MyIncepitionMag @MarrayaG @AfroPreacha @MNStandUp @BizzieOffical and Of couse 
I wanna show major love to @NewYorkda_song and  @XxoticAngel  
follow them all they're Fan-tastic

XA - You was a Hooter girl? For how long?
Bailey- Yes. Wow, you do your homework don't you? I worked at Hooters for 3 Years it was
really fun I loved it.
XA - Yes I study for my interviews lol

XA - What tricks can you still do that you've learned from your time there?
Bailey- Yes! I love to stool spin. 
(talking to manager- We should get that on tape!)
XA - lol 

XA - Ever role play with your Hooter uniform on? lol
Bailey- Ha! Naw, my boyfriend at the time hated that I worked for Hooters.
XA - lol Shame on him

XA - Do you watch or own any porn?
Bailey- Oh, Gees!!! Well... Let's just Say.... Thanks Super Head. Lol
XA - Lmao!! Speechless!!!

XA - Something I will wear to bedroom if you are deserving?
Bailey- If your deserving you can have whatever, however you want.
XA - You're WINNING!!!!

XA - If I left you in a room alone with choclate and a camera, what would happen?
Bailey- Let's just say it would get really messy.
XA - lol

XA - I would like to thank Bailey Wanted for this interview
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  1. Chocolate Camera Brilliant!! @BRMphoto

  2. awesome interview!! and Cierra Bailey is
    so fine, funny and down to earth! i just want to take her to lake calhoun to see them birds #swagonthehoneys

    and my twitter is dead @kvn1011
    Peace outtttt to all my fannnzzz!