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Xxotic Angels July Feature Tiffany Holliday

Measurements: 32 DDD, 26, 36
Height: 5'3
Eye Color:  brown
Hair Color: blond
Nationality: japanese & swedish
Birthday: Sept 15
Hometown:  Scottsdale,AZ
Twitter: @tiffanyholliday

Booking Info: 
Michelle Levy @ At Large Entertainment

Xxotic Angels Feature
Tiffany Holliday
Interview by New York
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XA -  Thanks Beautiful for 
doing this with me. 
Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!! 
Tiffany- Thanks for inviting me :)

XA - I know you are one but tell me what 
makes you an Xxotic Angel? 
Tiffany- Id have to say my Japanese grandma gave me the edge on 
"exotic-ness" hehe

XA - I love your lips, eyes and body hell 
I just love you Tiffany!!! lol 
do you get that from people when they  
meet you for the first time?
Tiffany- Thats sweet. I find most people 

are generally shy initially.

XA - So you're from Scottsdale Arizona, what's the wildest thing you did that you are still remembered for there? lol
Tiffany- Umm, goodness, well, there were 

a few of us naughty cheerleaders, boy we could drink from a keg like no other hahaha 
XA - lol my kind of girls

XA - Was the boys always calling your name back then?
Tiffany- I have always been a
relationship person so I pretty much had a
boyfriend all through high school ;)

XA - At what age did you start to think about modeling?
Tiffany- Around 16 I think is when Baywatch aired, Pamela Anderson was my inspiration

XA - Was Playboy your 
first big break?
Tiffany- My first break was on MTV's 
SoCal Summer, I was on of Sisquo's 
Six Pak girls for the was 
sooo fun. The 6 of us must have gotten
40 new bikinis each from that show.

XA - How many times were you 
featured in Playboy?
Tiffany- 1 cover, 1 Cybergirl pictorial online & printed,
and dozens of articles and "World of Playboy" photos
XA - That's Amazing!! 

XA - Now let me get this right, you own a monkey? lol 
How did this happen and what kind of monkey? 
Tiffany- Her name is "Pinky" and she's a black-capped capuchin, 
native to Brazil. She was a gift from Hef while I lived at the mansion. 
By far the best thing I received from living there... she'll be 9 in June!
XA - I wish monkey's could skye (Allen from Hangover2 voice) lol

XA - The question I and all your fans want to know is 
what have Tiffany been up to?
Tiffany- I am happily raising a menagerie 
of furry little animals in the gorgeous suburbs of LA, and I'm now currently 
a RN & wifey.

XA - What made you choose 
the nursing field? 
Tiffany- I am an aesthetic nurse. It seemed the most appropriate natural progression. I can now take care of all my beautiful bunny girlfriends and help "maintain" their gorgeousness
XA - I like that a lot!! lol

XA - Any role playing in your uniform? lol
Tiffany- Well for halloween, ha, I was surprised at how amazing some of the nurse costumes are these days, wink wink
XA - Yes me too!! wink back at ya!! lol

XA - Lingerie or Birthday suit which do you wear mostly to bed? 
Tiffany- Lingerie....keep it fresh and classy
XA - Nice!!

XA - Please tell me that you don't wear socks to bed also? lol 
Tiffany- yikes! also? do u? hehe, nope no socks, thigh highs maybe ;)
XA - Only wear socks to sleep, if I think I have tiger claws lol

XA - Cheerleading, Go Go dancing, 
Hooters, and Playboy!!!
You've done everything a girl 
can dream about doing in one life time,
is there anything else you got your 
eyes set on?
Tiffany- Ahhh, Reality TV is 
definitely a possibility ;0) 
XA - Oh I am so watching it, 
if you do one. lol

XA - How long was you 
a Go Go dancer for?
Tiffany- Off & on for 3 years,
great workout, and getting paid to party
is pretty awesome too.

XA - Can you still do any Hooter tricks? lol
Tiffany- Fo Sho! Hula hooping in roller skates pouring a pitcher of beer is my best trick :)

XA - You once said that your mother independence 

and inner sustenance has rubbed off on you, give an example where 

this came into play for you to think this?
Tiffany- She inspired me to persevere, never take no for an answer,
and always make sure I can take care of myself and my little critters.

XA - Dj T Holliday that would be my dj name for you lol What music do you like to spin?
Tiffany- I don't spin much anymore, but I love Break beats, hip hop, reggae & disco. 

XA - First time you Katy Perry(kissed a girl)? 
Tiffany- Me? kiss a girl? hahaha
XA - lol
XA - Do you still go to pole class? lol ( Beavis & Butthead way of thinking)
Tiffany- lol I rock on the pole!! Stay tuned for the videos and pics... 
it's such a challenge, I'm talking cirque de soleil steezy :)
XA - Can't wait to see your pole videos lol

XA - Greatest thing that happen for you because of having big boobs? lol
Tiffany- HA! Everything! Nah, I'm just kidding, probably being on the cover
of Voluptuous Vixen's for Playboy.
XA - It's A Great Cover Of You Too!!! 
XA - What's the sexiest thing you've ever done when it rains? lol.. 

Tiffany- I have to keep some secrets now
XA - What's secrets among friends lol
XA - I would like to Thank Tiffany Holliday for this interview hope it was fun for you Beautiful? Tiffany- Yes, thanks again for the love, and I hope to keep things spicy & fun for ya in the future!
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