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Xxotic Angels March Feature Honey Jo

Measurements: 34c 25 32
Height: 5'4
Weight: 110
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown
Nationality: Cambodian
Birthday: July 25, 88
Hometown: Long Beach California

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature 
Sweet Honey Jo

Interview by New York

XA - I'm so excited to do this interview you. Hey Beautiful!!
Honey Jo- Me too! :)

XA - In your bio I read you've been modeling for 4 years, what do you love about modeling?
Honey Jo- i love being in front of the camera. when im shooting its me the photographer and the camera... no one else exist at that moment. 

XA - So let everyone know where 
they might have seen you before?
XA - So let everyone know where they might of seen you before?
Honey Jo- well... you probably seen me in a couple of music videos by up coming artist. I'm on , , and you might have seen me att shows such as SpoCom, Rpm car show, Autocon, Autofest Remix, Glam Night, Adultcon, Glamourcon, and many other model expos.


XA - You're 21 so you're still new to the 
modeling game, what have you learned 
since you've started?
Honey Jo- Im actually 22, and I've learn that just be yourself when it comes to this business. Not everyone is going to like you but they will know who you are.So..keep it moving and 
Push forward. lol
XA - lol That's good

XA - Who came up with the name 
Sweet Honey Jo?
Honey Jo- haha... actually Sweet Honey Jo is the name of my website. Honey Jo is actually my name. My best friend and i came up with it. Everyone call me Jo.. and she's the one that call me Honey. and I love being called there u go. :)
XA - lol Thank you

XA - So you've just become a
nude glamour model?
What made you decide this?
Honey Jo- I recently became a nude model last June. I decided that im very comfortable with my body and want to take the step forward.

XA - Were you always this comfortable with your body to be able to
go all natural?
Honey Jo- Yes..back in high school..i was that lil skinny girl with boobs. haha. So,.. i always want to show it off. and say.. " damn right it real!! " haha 

XA - Do you come up with all the concepts, because all your pics are
Super Sexy?
Honey Jo- Yes.. i do. Most of the time.. i just picture my outfit then everything
just comes together.

XA - So tell me how does it feel to be so many men fantasies?
Honey Jo- im very flatter. 

XA - When did boys start entering
the picture?
Honey Jo- WOW... hmm.. i had my first crush when i was 5. haha..
i know..crazy right.
XA - Yes lol

XA - Is there a Mr Honey Jo
in your life? lol
Honey Jo- thats funny..  NO! lol... im single for over a year now.

XA - Name a song that describes
your sex drive?
Honey Jo- Ride - by Ciara.. haha
XA - Great pick lol

XA - Is there anything off limits sexually?
Honey Jo- no anal... i would not go there

XA - The one position a man has to do right or him being your man
is out of the question?
Honey Jo- he have to be able to make me yell/scream  stop while doing doggy style. i want a man that can really put me to sleep. o and make me beg for it hahahah
XA - LOL!!!

XA - Tell me something about Honey Jo  that I would never guess?
Honey Jo- hmm.. I eat like a hungry man. and i can eat all day long. (fried food)
XA - I would never guess that one lol

XA - You have your website  tell us some of the exciting things that are one it?
Honey Jo- well... there's update everyweek, new photoset and videos and also theres zipset that you can purchase thats more explicit than normal videos i have on there.
XA - Nice!!! 

XA - Tell me what do you have
coming up?
Honey Jo- I have a Comic Book coming out soon. I am one of the main character... just waiting for it to be publish. and I'll be on on SHOW magazine soon. LOOK out for it.
XA - I can't wait to see them.

XA - Give some love to all your
fans out there?
Honey Jo- thank you to all of my peeps in Long beach thats been supporting me from the start and everyone from the bay area.. that always show me love when im there. And to all of my follower on twitter.. thank you :) and my members on my site . thank u!

XA - You Go Go dance how long have you been doing it?
Honey Jo- I love to dance so.. i do it on occasion my first time was when i was 19.

XA  - What's the one song that comes on that get's you going, that every guy and girl focus is on you?
Honey Jo- i have to many.. haha. any song that can make me move. as of right now .. boomerang by akon and pitbull or hold it against me by britney spears and on the floor by jennifer lopez

XA - Have you ever role play with your Go Go outfit on?lol
Honey Jo- haha... no. but i might...
XA - Me and my

XA - Are you a ok with girl on girl action?
Honey Jo- absolutely.. i appreciate a fine girl when i see one.
XA - Me and you have something in common lmao

XA - Do you walk around naked when you're at home?
Honey Jo- not completely nude
but in my undies
XA - Sweet!!! lol

XA - How do you feel about Adult toys and do you own any? lol
Honey Jo- i dont reallly like them.. i prefer the real thing but i did had one.

XA - Own any porn?lol
Honey Jo- no  i dont

XA - Has alcohol ever get you creative during sex?
Honey Jo- very! i get more aggressive and very demanding
and thats when i try new tricks
XA - lmao Yes!!!!

XA - Last question, a Sex Fantasy you want to have that hasn't happen yet?
Honey Jo- a 3sum with a hot blonde. 
XA - You're WINNING!!!! lol

XA - I want to thank Sweet Honey Jo for this interview
Honey Jo-  thank you ,,.

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