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Xxotic Angels July Feature Ralina Lia

Measurements: 38DD-25-34
Height: 5'4
Weight: 122 lbs 
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Nationality: Mexican/Italian
Birthday: 2.23.85
Hometown: Valley Stockton, CA
Twitter: @MissRalinaLia

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Ralina Lia

Interview by New York
photos courtesy of
edo, Lowrider, Eric Melendez, 
Gary Roberts,Jefferson Peak Photography,
Keith Selle, EtheReal Pixels

XA - Hey Ralina!!  I'm happy to get 
to interview you.
XA - Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!
Ralina- Thanks for giving me 
the oppurtunity.

XA - You are very sexy, the eyes, 
the body and the lips. 
Do you get this a lot when someone 
first meets you?  
Ralina- My eyes but mostly my lips...
I always get told they want to bite them 
and Lick my face.
XA - lol

XA - So how did you get into modeling? 
Ralina- I went to help my friend 
Renee Foxx at a shoot and she asked if 
I wanted to shoot I was shy but did it..why not.
XA - I'm so happy you did Beautiful!! 
XA - Are you having fun so far? 
Ralina- Its been an interesting Roller Coaster 
I met alot of cool people and made friends all 
over the the place!

XA - Do you still remember 
your first photo shoot? 
tell me what you remember about it? 
Ralina- I was in a bikini super shy to 
come out of the bathroom..I felt so out of place 
the girls were rude to me and made it more uncomfortable. So that made me want 
to try harder, so I just acted like it wasn't 
my first Rodeo.

XA - What are some of the things 
you want to do has a model? 
Ralina- I get bored easily I want to work 
with more creative crazy Hair and makeup! 
I like themes and Role play.
XA - Role play two of my favorite words lol

XA - So you're Mexican and Italian? what was side is your moms 
and what is your dad that make your Hot combo? 
Ralina- My Mom is Mexican crazy they call her La Boogie she was a gogo growing up! 
So she was hott always dancing and partying! My Dad Italian he still thinks hes Fine 
and has girlfriends younger than me!
XA - Lol 

XA - Can you cook any of the good food 
from both sides? 
and what dishes can you cook? 
Ralina- Yes...Everyone Loves 
my Lasagna!!! Tacos are easy 
but they always want me 
to make them!
XA - I love both to eat lol

XA - Where are you from? 
and were you born 
and raised there? 
Im from Texas to San Deigo...then to the Valley Stockton, CA thats where 
I grew up! From there all over 
the Bay Area. I'm a gypsy!
XA - I see lol but that's Hot!!

XA - What were you 
like growing up? 
Ralina-I was always shy but always had 
the best parties at my house! 
I had alot of Girlfriends I grew up In a private school so all the guys in the neighborhood loved me because I hooked them up with all my friends! So I was the cool chick none of the guys seen me like that they treated me like there little sister!

XA - Did you follow the rules and was good or was you a bad girl? lol 
I was a bad girl....very secrective. I was always planning the next party or going to a Rave. 
Leaving out of town..causing trouble.
XA - lol

XA - What age did your interest  start to peak about boys? lol 
Ralina- ummmm....16...
He was my first Love 
and my boyfriend forever until I was 21.

XA - So you love make up, why?  
Ralina- Its an art you can create any type of scary monster or fantasy! 
I get lost in my work its more than make up its sculpting and using my imagination.

XA -  Do you do your own makeup on your own photo shoots?  
Ralina- Sometimes....I rather have other people do my makeup.

XA - The question of this feature is are you seeing anyone? lol 
Ralina- NOPE!!!!! TO MUCH DRAMA! 
Im Selfish and spoiled!
XA - lol this is one of the most honest answers I've gotten for this question.

XA -  The guy who has a chance to date you is what kind of guy?  
Ralina- I dont have a certain type of guy...
well I always end up falling for 
cocky guys that turn into control freaks.
XA - I feel ya, you don't need 
a watchman but a boyfriend
(you can hire security to watch you) lol

XA - What advice could you give guys on dating 
a model that's Hot like you? 
Ralina- If your the Jealous type a model is not the type of girl for you. 
If you can handle it just know I will speak for myself.
Im faithful but you have to put up with my attitude 
its not very sweet all the time.
XA - I can't imagine that Beautiful!!

XA - Random: Is you sex drive like two rams knocking their heads till they tired 
or more like a bat hanging upside down sleeping till it's time to eat? lol  
Im for sure a BAT...Im too picky! Its when I want it!
XA - lol

XA - Other then being naked, what do you like to wear 
around your place that's sexy? 
Ralina- Shorts with knee high socks and always in a sportsbra!

XA - I also see that you went to school for Special Effects? 
How long was you in school for this? 
Ralina- A year I still need to finish...I have about 6 months left.

XA - Does this mean you will soon go into films to use these skills? 
Ralina- Yes, I aleady have job offers.
XA- That's Hot!!

XA - What kind of cool things can you do with your Special Effects training? 
So far I worked on the set of 
Priates of the Caribeean. 
I could go so many directions with it! 
I really love Masters of Horror!
XA - Amazing!! I love that kind of stuff!! 

XA - Any other hidden talent you have, that we wouldn't believe you can do?lol 
Ralina- Im very flexible..gymnatics, 
cheerleading and dancing 
came into hand!
XA - Nice!!! lol

XA - So you love watching sports center? 
What shows do you watch on it? 
Ralina- Pardon The Interrupton 
is my favorite!! Around the Horn 
and of course Highlights.
XA - Oh I'm so down with you lol

XA - Favorite Sports Teams? 
Ralina- Football Oakland Raiders, Baseball Oakland A's, 
Basketball Boston and Duke. 
I love Boxing also!!
XA - We'll have to talk about Duke? lol

XA - What music soon has it comes on you start dancing? 
Ralina- House Nation!!! Of course I love Gucci Mane, The Jacka, 
Messy Marv and Andre Nickatina!

XA - What do you have coming up we need to be looking out for? 
Ralina- My Website MissRalinaLia, Lowrider and I have some other projects in the works.
XA - Can't wait to see your site

XA - Ok give love to all of your twitter fans, and say hello to the new ones?  
I love all My twitter Fam Bam!! and To my new ones say Hello I Tweet back!!!

XA - It's night time and we're role playing, I'm dress right now has Thor who are you? lol 
Ralina- A sexy vampire waiting to seduce you and suck your blood!
XA - Alright some True Blood action here lol

XA - Any one sexy fantasy you have that you could tell me to blow my mine? 
Ralina- No than it wont be a fantasy anymore!
XA - lol Ok Bad Ass

XA -  Want to thank Ralina Lia for this interview, hope it was fun for you Beautiful? 
Ralina- Yes..Thank you!! I love meeting interesting people...and who are supportive 
of what models do!  Its fun but takes alot of time and energy. 

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