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Xxotic Angels July Feature Andressa S

Measurements: 34-26-38
Height: 5'3
Weight: 117 lbs
Eye Color: hazelish brown
Hair Color: black
Nationality: brazilian/portuguese
Birthday: June 15th
Hometown: Gainesville, fl 
Twitter: @ImDressiLicious

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Andressa S - Dressi

Interview by New York

photos courtesy of
Phil Gordon, Al Campos

XA - I have here a for you guys  

Andressa S  better known as Dressi!!
Andressa- Hey everyone 

XA - Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!!

XA - First thank you for 
this interview Beautiful!!

Andressa- You're very welcome, 
I know you've waited for a while,
but we’re finally here so let’s get 
to the juicy stuff!
XA - lol I like this from you

XA - What makes you 
an Xxotic Angel? 
Andressa- Besides the physical, 
I think it's my hustler attitude 
and outspoken personality!

XA - You are one sexy and gorgeous woman!! 
Why isn't your email address ? lol
Is that the craziest thing you've heard from a guy? lol
Andressa- Haha that actually made me laugh... and of course not, I've heard some crazy stuff. But the most outrageous thing I've ever heard was from a college student at UF that yelled out loud outside of a club when I was walking by " sit on my face" really, really loud n everyone looked at me. It was embarrassing and i just kept on walking... Def the craziest thing i ever heard
XA - lol yea that's crazy

XA - Where were you born 
and raised at?
Andressa- I was born in Elizabeth, NJ but I was raised in FL and I wouldn’t 
change it for the world. I love florida even if we have weather haha
XA - lol 

XA - So both of your parents 
live in South America now?
Andressa- Well my dad used to live here with my brother and I until 2007 then he moved there as well.

XA - How did you feel at such a 

young age leaving your family 
to live alone?
Andressa- Well I left to explore 
the world through my own eyes, and Im very happy with the ending results; Im a very independent, successful, and smart young lady.
XA - I'm happy with the 
ending results too Beautiful lol

XA - What made you choose Miami 
as the place to live?
Andressa- I came here because of an ex boyfriend 5 years ago and even after our break up I stuck it out and stayed here. Great choice may I add, it’s a beautiful place with gorgeous people, and a tropical feel, it reminds me of my roots.

XA - Ok tell me about your childhood 

like growing up?
Andressa- I grew up mostly 

around boys, my brother and boy cousins 
so I was a total tomboy. 
I may not look it now, but I was always playing with action figures, playing soccer every chance I got, and doing anything my brother dared me too haha… I got scars to prove, and my parents got plenty of stories to tell.
XA - lol you sure don't look like it now
XA – Were you having all the boys after you cause you was the town Hottie? Lol
Andressa- Hmmmm  I don’t think so and if I did at that point and time I didn’t notice because I was mostly focused on a new career and also, on getting over a dramatic break up and getting myself together. So night out with friends is what I stuck with and it took me a while to actually start dating again.

 XA - Are you a Good Girl 

sometimes acting bad or 
a Bad Girl who acts naughty 
but sometimes be good? lol
Andressa- Im a little bit of both, I believe that anything in excess isn’t good. Everyone needs a little bit of good and bad in them to get through life. So people will love you, but you’re strong enough to not let anyone walk all over you.
XA - So True!!

XA - Dolphins or Heat? Lol
Heat… Well, I might have to rethink this after this season…. What a disappointment!!  
But perhaps next year, right?
XA - lol no #Imjustsayin

XA - First place you would 

take me to in Miami?
Andressa- Well, I love food and Im a fat girl on the inside so Id have to say 
“Sushi Samba” a restaurant that serves Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian food! I love itttttt!
XA - lol 

XA - In your bio, you said 

your modeling career jump started from 
doing a music video.
What was that like for you knowing your 

first modeling job is a music video?
Andressa- It was a blessing because 

a lot of the people I met that day are still in my life in a positive way, and have helped me within the industry and I love them for that. That’s why I always say 
that everything happens for a reason!

XA - Were you nervous at all being in front of the lights 
and for the first time 
in front of so many people?
Andressa- Yes I was haha. Even though Im an extravert and Im always talkative, when it came down to it I was nervous so a shot of goose got me to loosen up lol.
XA - I know a lot of you 

look confused right now lol (google it)

XA - What was your first 
photo shoot for you like?
Andressa- It was nerve wracking!!! And the fact that it was like 90+ outside in Miami, 
and I was sweaty and guys on the streets were watching and commenting 
definitely didn’t help either
XA - lol I can't just hear the comments now.

XA - Did you have a hard time being in tiny bikini's at first in front of the photographer?
Andressa- A little! Believe it or not, I too have insecurities and kinda get shy

XA - The dudes are sweating at your Super Sexy pics, wanting to know 
if Dressi dating or has someone special?
Andressa- My heart is happily taken!!! =)

XA - Are you the type to be friends with benefits?
Andressa- I rather be alone than in bad company. 

If something isn’t going anywhere 
then why pursue it?

XA - How long does a guy have to wait before he could even think 
to ask to spoon with you? lol
Andressa- There are some factors to take into consideration such as 
how long we’ve known each other, the chemistry between us, 
and does he really mean “spoon” or what? lol
XA - lol

XA - Can you give us any tips on 

dating a Hot female like you?
Andressa- Be yourself and don’t try to impress me with material things, 
name dropping or such, those things are irrelevant to me.
XA - You know I know Peter Griffin from Family Guy. lol

XA - Random: Is your sex drive like a Queen Bee working the male bees till they drop 

or more like the Black Widow spider after one night they're dead to you? Lol
Andressa- Oh man lol … You and these questions haha  but I’d say a queen bee
XA - lol I know right??

XA - I also read that you're an accountant is that right? 
and how long have you been one?
Andressa- Yes that’s right! I’ve been in that field for 5 years now 
and I enjoy it very much. And all my friends can vouch for me that 
I do a very good job at it as well.

XA - Tax season must sometimes be a nightmare for you? Lol
Andressa- It is, but the money is right so I don’t complain except when some 

customer drive me insane, and every year I come across quite a few of those.
XA - lol

XA - Ever have dreams that numbers are chasing you? Lol
Andressa- No lol but I do have dreams that I forgot to do a journal entry or 
something along those lines and I wake up worried

 XA - Role Play bed time I'm dress as H&R Block agent with eye glasses on
wearing boxers with lots of numbers on them who are you dress as? lol
Andressa- An exterminator, because those guys are my competition and 
I want them gone ( no offense) haha
XA - This was suppose to be fun and sexy lol

XA - Do you cook and what do you make best?
Andressa- YES I can cook, even though everyone assume Im horrible in the kitchen! 
I can make different dishes from multiple ethnicities but I prefer sticking to my roots 
and cooking some brazilian food, which by the way is amazing.

XA - What do you do for fun?
Andressa- Im spontaneous and up to do mostly anything. I enjoy the outside as long as 
it’s not 90F+ outside Im fine; shopping, listening to music, working out, running 
and roller blading are among these activities too.

XA - Ok , what do you have coming up we need to watch out for?
Andressa- My lowrider magazine issue as well as an issue for 
“Naked hustle magazine” , and we’re still working on my website as well 
but it’ll be out by November for sure, so please look out for it and I’ll keep you guys 
posted on anything else as it comes.
XA - Please do Luv!!

XA - Give love to all your fans and say shout out to all the new one's?
Andressa- I love my fans and I communicate with them on a daily on twitter… 
Shoutout to all the ones that have supported me from the day one, and to the ones who recently have become interested in my work; I appreciate you all!

XA - Go-to karaoke song you can sing on the spot? lol
Andressa- Carrie Underwood “Before he cheats” (lol) 

strange choice I know but that’s one of 
the few country songs I like
XA - lol I wish I could hear this one

XA -  If you was allowed to reprogram men, when it comes to sex what would be 
the first thing you teach us to do? lol
XA - lol

XA - While doing this what are you wearing 
right now that's sexy? lol
Andressa- Leggins and a cute top, simple but sexy!
XA - Yes!! That's Nice!!

XA - Magic box full of adult toys or just one that get's the job done? lol
Andressa- Just one will do the job! 

Quality over quantity!!

XA - What's the sexiest thing you've ever done when it rains? lol
Andressa- Made Love!! Even though that’s a bit cliché but it’s true… 
The sound of the raindrops, thunder and all is just sexy …
XA - I agree Babygirl!! Two Thumbs Up!!

XA - Again I would like to thank the sexy Andressa S !!! for this interview. 
Was it fun for you like it was for me?
Andressa- Yes! Had me shaking my head at some of the questions 
but I enjoyed it very much!! Always a pleasure...
XA - With laughter I aim to please you Beautiful!! lol

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