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Xxotic Angels July Feature Tiffany Turner

Measurements:  34B, 27, 40
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 135lbs
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: dark brown
Nationality: Italian, German, Irish, 

Austrian, Hungarian,
Native American and French
Birthday: May 30th
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Twitter @Tiffany_Turner

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Tiffany Turner
Interview by New York
photos courtesy of

XA - Hey everyone I have here the 

Sexy Tiffany Turner!!!

XA - First let me thank you for doing 
this interview with me.

Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!!
Tiffany- Thank you for having me 

XA - The number 39 is my new number now 
because for your Bootyful!! 
I mean Beautiful!!! lol Do you get comments like this from men  a lot?
Tiffany- Men will be men you know. I get comments; if they're respectful I appreciate the
compliment, otherwise I just ignore them. 

XA -  You're from Steel Town!! 
Pittsburgh, PA Black and Yellow 
Black and Yellow lol 
What was you like growing up?
Tiffany- I was a handful
XA - lol

XA - Naughty or Good? lol
Tiffany- Depends on what day it is.

XA - At what age did boys enter
the picture for you?
Tiffany- My first real boyfriend was at age 16

XA - You're a mixture of Italian, German, Irish, Austrian, Hungarian, American Indian and French. 
Wow what a Hot Combo!! lol
Which is mom and which is dad?
Tiffany- Dad is German and Irish,
and Mom is everything else

XA - So tell me how does it feel to be
so many men fantasies?
Tiffany- I wouldn't know...
this is news to me! lol
XA - lol

XA - How did you get into modeling?
Tiffany- It happen by chance and I pursued the opportunity

XA - Let us know some of the things that you've done?
Tiffany- I just finished shooting a video for Fred the Godson, "She Call Me God" .
I've done SHOW, Blackmen and Lowrider.

XA - Alright time for the question everyone wants to know, are you taken? 
( If no, how does one apply for the job?) lol
Tiffany- Yes I am taken... but even when I'm single I usually get wifed up fast, 
so it's all about the right timing.
XA - lol

XA - What is Tiffany Turner kind of fella?
Tiffany- I'm old school when it comes to men I like a gentleman. 
Chivalry is not dead. Period.
XA - I feel you on that babygirl!!

XA - What is your sex drive like, are you a man eater or a pussy cat? lol
Tiffany- Very few men know the answer to that question and 
that's the way I'm keeping it. ;-)
XA - lol I think I just got my answer don't beat me up lol

XA - The one thing a man can do that will make you say 
get up dude you have to go?
Tiffany- One thing I don't tolerate is any type of disrespect.

XA - In your bio you said you love to cook, I love to eat lol 
What dishes that you make that I have to try?
Tiffany- Everybody loves my lasagna.

XA - Were you always this comfortable with your body when you started modeling?
Tiffany- To be honest no, I used to always compare myself to other girls in magazines,
this was of course before I knew about photoshop lol but now I've grown to love my body
and I'm very comfortable in my own skin.
XA - Good Ole photoshop drove a lot of people crazy lol 

XA - You say you love to learn new things,
tell me something new that you've just learn?
Tiffany- Yo no se
XA - Spanish for "you don't know" lol too funny babygirl

XA - So you're a surgical RN, how long have you been one and 
what exactly does a surgical RN do?
Tiffany- I've been at my job for a little over 6 months. 
I'm RNFA (Registered Nurse First Assistant) on surgical cases. 
I setup the sterile field and OR prior to the case, during the surgery I handle tissue, 
provide exposure, use instruments, suture, provide hemostasis, monitor patient vitals
( blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm, oxygen saturation, respirations, temperature)
and post procedure I apply dressings and garments to the patient and
once they're stable I discharge them.
XA - Well Ok Luv!! I like that!!

XA - You've been in Blackmens, Low Rider, and Show magazine. 
Tell me what shooting for those magazines was like?
Tiffany- They were all very professional and I'm a fun person so shooting with me 
is always a good time... well at least I think so!!
XA - lol I believe you

XA - What do you have coming up, that we should be watching out for?
Tiffany- Just finished shooting a video for Fred the Godson, "She Call Me God" in the Bronx today so watch out for that.

XA - Say hello to all your fans and a shout out to all the new ones?
Tiffany- Hello! Muah! <3

XA - What does Tiffany do when she's not modeling?
Tiffany- She works hard and plays harder!!
XA - Nice!!

XA - A night on the town hanging with you, what can I expect to happen? lol
Tiffany- I don't know I'm spontaneous it depends on what kind of mood I'm in, but you will laugh a lot... I think I'm pretty amusing.
XA - lol I believe you

XA - Tell me something about you that your fans don't know?
Tiffany- I don't drink or smoke

XA - tell us your Katie Perry moment with a girl?
Tiffany- I never kiss and tell
XA - lol Oh My ( Usher's voice)

XA - It's role play night I'm dressed up has Peter Griffin who are you dressed up has? lol
Tiffany- I'm Quagmire giggity
XA - lmao on the ground, only women for me. 
You are too much, fantasy killer aren't you? lol

XA - What are you wearing that's sexy while doing this Q&A? lol
Tiffany- What you should've asked me was what I'm not wearing that's sexy...
XA - Ok we're back lol Hot Luv!! 

XA - You have one of the Hottest bodies in the world, how do you keep it in shape?
Tiffany- Well thank you for the compliment, but I don't think I have one of the hottest bodies in the world... although I'm very flattered! I do work out though and I love to dance.

XA - Would you do Playboy? Tell me why?
Tiffany- I don't know I'd have to think about it because, I do have a father and brother.

XA - Is anything off limits when it comes to sex?
Tiffany- I don't share

XA - If I went through your dvd collection would I find any adult movies?
Tiffany- Doesn't everybody have adult movies?
XA - You would be surprise how many say they don't lol

XA - Craziest place you hooked up with someone 
and did you both have a happy ending? lol
Tiffany- Nunya
XA - lol 

XA - Last one, If there was a law no more masturbation how often would you break it? lol
Tiffany- It's only breaking the law if you get caught!
XA - So right about that one lol

XA - I would like to Thank the Very Beautiful Tiffany Turner!!! for this interview. 
Hope it was fun for you like it was for me? lol
Tiffany- Thanks for featuring me
XA - You're welcome Luv!!

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