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Xxotic Angels Feb Feature Miiss Risa

Measurements: 38c - 27 - 40

Height: 5'5
Weight: 135
Eye Color: Medium Brown
Hair Color: Black
Nationality: Persian and Mexican
Birthday: 02-09-1991
Hometown: California
Twitter @Diivarisa
Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Diiva Risa
Interview by New York

XA - Hey Risa, how's everything Babygirl? 
Risa- Alright just dreaming 

XA - Ok, how long have you been modeling? 
Risa- i've been modeling for a lil bit over two yrs and still putting work.

XA - are you having fun and 
enjoying modeling?
Risa- yes of course its my passion its an 
art of body and freedom of skin

XA - What got you started in modeling? 
Risa- to be honest i just start taking pictures and they came out to be good and i wanted to do more and i didnt stop ever since!! Sometimes its easier for me to express myself through my pictures 
then my mouth.

XA - You're very young in this game of modeling, is there any models before you, that you look up to? 
Risa- Yes i actually stared when i was 17 and half  with this 
agency called explore talent they couldnt do much for me
 so i left and i start doing my own thing when i turned 18. I look up
 to Tyra banks she is silly and beautiful and thats how i am

XA - Since you've been in modeling what have you learned 
and what advice have you gotten? 
Risa- Dont Believe Everything you hear , take your time to be your 
own boss and dont let any agency, magazine etc put you under pressure! 
have fun and put in work.

XA - Your in school majoring in  broadcasting? 
Risa- no im actually not in school at this moment but i do like performing arts 
and it might be something that i might get into later on in my life!

XA - Is being on t.v. or radio  a passion of yours also? 
Risa- yes i like to speak to young girls specially the ones that dont have 
anybody to look up to or help them through their growth. ive been in that 
situation and sometimes i had to learn it the hard way

XA - What music do you like to listen to? 
Risa- OMG WHAT I DONT LISTEN TO!!! I love all type of music i even listen 
to music i dont understand a word of what their saying . Music is melody to my 
soul i need it 

XA - If I could go look thru what you've watch on t.v. in the last 48hrs. 
What shows or movies would I see that you've watch? 
Risa- History channel I LOVE geology , Science Ancient Times besides that 
probably south park , family guy anything that can make me laugh

XA - Would you ever do Playboy? and why? 
Risa- YES. Only if my goodies are covered i think it would be a fun experience

XA- How often do you think about sex? 
Risa- My Sex Drive went really low  ever since i quit smoking weed (3 weeks ago) 
but i still think about the last person i had sex with at least once a day!  
He was goood :D
XA - lol

XA - Do you watch or own any porn? 
Risa- LOL I Dont own any but yes i do sometimes ! I dont like straight porn 
only lesbians , straight porn dont seem to turn me on as much as lesbian porn does!

XA - Are you attracted woman? and tell us your Katie Perry moment with a girl? 
Risa- Im attracted to women from big size to little as long as she got confident. 
My first Kiss was a girl but it was a long time ago i cant really remember details

XA - What's your Mr. At This Moment type of guy? 
Risa- Mr.GOD lol, Im Celibate so he has to respect that and we dont have to 
get married but i want a relationship before sex. He has to have a sense of humor 
and be himself.

XA - You have very sexy eyes, do people say that to you a lot? 
Risa- Yes It's weird sometimes because i catch ppl starring and falling into my eyes 
and i have to snap them back to reality
XA - lol

XA - besides being naked what's the sexiest thing you like to wear to turn on a man? 
Risa- High Heels and My hair down :D

XA - Are you spicy or sweet? 
Risa- Im actually both either Im really sweet that prevents toothache or 
REALLY spicy that can burn your throat 

XA - Do you have any secret weakness or guilty pleasures? 
Please leave out nothing? (lol) 
Risa- If I give you my Sex Im also giving you my heart thats very fragile. 
Guilty Pleasure : Smoking a blunt while im rollin blunt during sex.

XA - Your a Cali Girl, so did you vote for
 Proposition 19? lol  
Risa- All The Way!

XA - Is there anything that makes you mad, you have to say that sucks? 
Risa- Im very impatient and i have quick temper which im working on right now

XA - Pick one, Stewie, SpongeBob, 
or Hello Kitty? 
Risa- hello kitty 

XA - What's new that you have coming up, we need to be on the look out for? 
Risa- stay on the look out :)

XA - Say something to all your fans that love you and to the new ones who just found out about you? 

XA - Are you wild and very full of energy or more laid back type of girl? 
Risa- Im what you call LowKey, i like to stay in my shell but when i want the spotlight i make sure i get the spotlight. Im talkative and lay back It depends on what im doing
XA - lol

XA -We're playing a game called 7 minutes 
in heaven, what would you do so that I 
would always remember you? 
Risa- Suck Your Skin Till You Bruise! 
You'll never forget me than.
XA - lol yes I wouldn't forget you for sure.

XA - Wildest thing you've ever done, that someone would say stop lying girl? 
Risa- Im not much of a wild girl but i would say dating women brings out a kinky  
and a playful side of me and we can do whatever she wants to do!

XA - I would like to Thank Diiva Risa for this interview.

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