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Xxotic Angels V Day Honey Stephanie Tejada

34B 26 37
Height: 5'5
Weight: 120lbs
Eye Color:brown
Hair Color: dark brown
Nationality: Puertorican and Guatamalen=Guatarican 
Birthday: July 7th 1989
Hometown:Orlando Fl
Twitter @Stephanietejada

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Stephanie Tejada

Interview by New York

XA- Hello Beautiful, how are things with you?
Stephanie- Heyyy,Everythings great thanks!

XA - Ok first I have to say Cancers 
are in the place lol I'm july 1st, this year what do you want to happen for your birthday?
(you popping out of a cake for me was mines)lol
Stephanie- LMAO!!! Well I still havent gone 
to Vegas so that may have to happen 
this year or Amsterdam

XA - We also have another thing in common, we both like 

Family Guy. lol 

What your favorite one?
(mines is the Star Wars episode)lol

Stephanie- OMG!!! Im obsessed with that show!! Its sad but I have the entire collection on dvd.Hmmm My favortie episode would probably be the Fat Guy Strangler or the one where Stewie takes steriods. 
I love when he flys out the window!!

XA - You have some wonderful curves?
How do you keep this 
fine figure of yours?
Stephanie- I love when people ask me this 
because I eat sooo much,and never excersice. Im guessing my GoGo Dancing keeps me fit.

XA - So tell me, how long have 
you been modeling?
Stephanie- about 3 years

XA - How did you get started in modeling?
Stephanie- I've always wanted to be one so I started do my research.

XA - Tell us where we may have 
seen you before?
Stephanie- On the back cover of the November issue of Zaria Magazine, In Dynasty Magazine, Thats Hot Magazine "ALL OVER THE INTERNET", also dancing at the best night Clubs in Orlando.

XA - You are an Xxotic Angel, Puerto Rican and Guatemalan excuse me if 
I say yum lol Mom and Dad are which 
that made up your beautiful combo?
Stephanie- Moms Puertorican 
and Dads Guatamalen

XA - For the few of us that's been on mars 
and are seeing you for the first time. 
Are you single? If yes what are our 
chances on a scale of 1-10?lol
Stephanie- LOL well Im not single and 
I let everyone know that.
I dont think that should change wether 
or not someone is a fan.

XA - Your type of guy is book smart, street smart, or a combo of both?
Stephanie- Both I hate air heads but I also wait pussys!!

XA - Random: Sex for me is like shopping I have to have it  ______ hours a day. lol
Stephanie- if i could 24 but prob 6

XA - Finish this for me,the only time i will not wear sexy underwear is when I?
Stephanie- Die??lol

XA - Talk to me about Signature Hits T.V?
Stephanie - Signature Hits is a magazine.But they had a local television show where,
they went speical events like fashion  shows,concerts,movie premieres and so on.I had the opportunity to host these events and do red carpet interviews.

XA - How long have you been 
doing the show?
Stephanie- I was doing it about 2 years,
and even now if Im in the area they'll have 
me come out.

XA - Is T.V. something you want to get 
into in the future?
Stephanie- OMG!! Yess definitely!! I want a reality show,a talk show, a cartoon and I want to on SNL

XA - You also Go Go dance, how long 
have you been a Go Go dancer?
Stephanie- Yea I am.Its been about 2 years!

XA - What's the wildest outfit you've worn 
for Go Go dancing?
Stephanie- I use to do burlesque shows and once i did black duct tape on my boobs with booty shorts and fishnets.
XA - searching in tool box for duct tape lol

XA - Did you see my dance 
moves in my video? Could me and you do 
Dancing with the Stars? lol
Stephanie- Listen Kim Kardashian made it for a week so can you lmao

 XA - In your bio, you say you want 
to do Playboy? Why?
Stephanie- I love Playboy!! How they can make nudity so classy and still sexy.
think  being in Playboy is the ultimate sexiness and I want to achieve it.

XA - You also said that you haven't always been comfortable with being nude, 
so why now?
Stephanie- I think with my expereince Ive grown not just as a model but as a woman and Im confident and comfortable in my own skin.I use to always want my boobs done and even butt injections, but now I decided to set an example that you can be a model and be all real.

XA - Are you really ready for the world to see it all? (I want 5 signed copies please) lol
Stephanie- I am and I cant wait!!

XA - What's new that you have coming up, we need to be on the look out for?
Stephanie- Im very superstisious and dont like to say but keep following me and youll see!!

XA - Show some love to your fans old and new?
Stephanie- I dont even like saying fans,i say supporters lol but its s o crazy 
how many people actually know me and care who I am.Im very humble and
I let everyone know Im greatful to their support.

XA - Are you meant to be tame or just run wild with someone?
Stephanie- I meant to be wild with someone tame.

XA - Am lover or a night time freak when it's on?
Stephanie- Im a freak lol

XA - Off limits when it comes to sex
Stephanie- certain limits but not many?

XA - Do you own any adult gagets that's like family to you?lol
Stephanie- bwahahah I have one toy for myslef than some stuff for me and my partner

XA - Last question Babygirl,  for 2 months you could only have one so pick wisely. lol 
Great Sex, a Hot Bag, or a Hot pair of Shoes?
Stephanie- Great Sex

XA - I would like to Thank Stephanie Tejada for this interview.

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