Thursday, February 17, 2011

Xxotic Angels Shut It Down Feature - TIA NICOLE

Measurements: 36DD-27-42
Height: 5'5"
Weight: perfect ;)
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown
Nationality: Black, irish, french, asian and puerto rican 
Birthday: Jan 13th
Hometown: LA/OC by way of ATL
Twitter @YeaBiishImTia  

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Tia Nicole

Interview by New York

XA - Hey Babygirl, how are you?
Tia -Im great thanks!

XA - Can I tell you I love your smile? Do you get that alot from people?
Tia -Aw thank you :) and yes, I get it all the time, I appreciate it!

XA - What got you into modeling?
Tia -Photographers started hitting me up when Myspace was still hot...they wanted to take my picture and it just evolved from there!

XA - Anything we've might of seen you in?
Tia -I was recently in the "Clothes Off" video by Seriious feat. Oktane of Audio Push. Just shot the "Throw It Back" video by Audio Push, and I've had many features online :)

XA - You also do music too right?
Tia -yes, I do

XA -  How long have you been singing?
Tia -i've been singing since I could talk! But I've been recording for about 4 or 5 years now

XA - Who are some of the artist that have inspired you to start singing?
Tia -Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, etc..

XA - What are your sexiest features
 that women compliment you on 
and men say Damn!! Babygirl?(lol)
Tia -haha probably my butt and my smile

XA - Does someone have the job of  being yours already or are you still taking apps?
Tia -yes, I have a wonderful man in my life :)

XA - What is a Tia, type of guy?
Tia -I like all types of guys...if you're attractive to me, you're attractive to me!

XA - Is your sex drive like two rhinos or like birds that mate once a year?
Tia -haha two rhinos for sure lol

XA - If you could have a sexy photo shoot with any celebrity, who would it be with?
Tia -hmmm..Male: Lance Gross, Female: Evelyn Lozada

XA - you do hair i've heard also? when did you start and what's your favorite hair style to do?
Tia -ive been doing hair for 5 yrs now and I can't say I really have a favorite "style"

XA - Ever did the Katie Perry?
Tia -nooo clue what the katy perry is lol

XA - What puts you in the mood, that you got to get it now?
Tia -my man, every time I see him! Lol

XA - Beer, Wine or the Hard stuff?
Tia -wine

XA - You have a few tatts, where and what do they mean or represent to you?
Tia -I have 8 in various places, and my most sentimental one is my fathers initials 
on my right index finger :)

XA - What would you want a new model to learn from you?
Tia -to be REAL! If you follow my twitter, you know I say whatever the heck I appreciate a pretty girl with a real ass personality more than a pretty girl that tries to act perfect and untouchable. Also, I'd tell girls to be SMART about what they do and who they work with...there's a lot of bad/dangerous people in this industry!

XA -  What are your plans/projects 
for the future?
Tia -I've got some stuff in the works...including shooting an ad campaign for a popular urban clothing line and autographed posters that will be on sale shortly!

XA - Give a shout to your fans? 
All tell all the new ones when should 
they keep an eye on you?
Tia -hey guys and girls! I love and appreciate you all so much!! Keep supporting me and keep an eye out for me all year...2011 is gonna be big! :)

XA - What is the sexiest outfit 
you have in your closet?
Tia -hmm...I'm not really a "sexy" dresser on a daily basis, but I guess my club dresses are sexy!

XA - What do you think about this new product called Booty Pop?
Tia -they're hilarious!

XA - O.k. one last question, Kitchen, Bedroom, or the Pool?
Tia -anywhere except the pool lol

XA - I would like to think Tia for this interview
Tia  -my pleasure! thank you as well!

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