Thursday, February 3, 2011

Xxotic Angels Feb Feature Jolina B

Measurements: 34DD 25 44          
Height: 5'4
Weight: up and down lol
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown
Nationality:  argentinian
Hometown: Buenos Aires Arentina & London England
Twitter @JolinaB
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Xxotic Angels Jolina Bonita
Interview by New York

XA - Hey Bonita, how's everything?
Jolina- Great ,thank you.

XA - I want to say congrads to you on your Smooth magazine cover.
Jolina- Thank you , Im very happy about it.

XA - Ok, how long have you been modeling?
Jolina- I been modelling on and off for 4 years , mostly in the UK

XA - I read that you were born in Argentina?
Jolina- Yes Buenos Aires

XA - What were you like has a teenager growing up?
Jolina- I was a rebel tomboy

XA - Were you boy crazy at that age?
Jolina- I guess I started being boy crazy when I got a little older.

XA - You then moved to London at a very young age, was you excited and nervous 
at the same time?
Jolina- Yes I was nervious and exited , I got a great oportunity to study abroad on a 
scholarship so I took it, I all worked out for good. 

XA -Random: I just wanted to say barbaro cola!!lol
Jolina- Thank you and thanks for my great heritage.

XA - You're more than just Beautiful!!!  You're very Smart too!! 
Was education importance 
made very clear to you by your family?
Jolina-  I seen my family sruggle a lot while I was growing up , so I had 
to change the cycle.

XA - What did you study in school?
Jolina- Graphic Design and Media Managment.

XA - Anyone special or are you just having fun?
Jolina- I have someone special 

XA - Do most guys come up to you or do they have a hard time trying to find 
something to say to ask you out?
Jolina- I think they have a hard time, always coming up with some reduculous chatup lines.
XA - I wish I could hear you say this(some reduculous chatup lines), I know it sounds sexy lol

XA - What's your type of guy?
Jolina- Strong , tall, big hands, nice shoulders, ambitious, funny and loyal

XA - Ever done sexting to make a man think about you when he's working?
Jolina- Yes all the time..

XA - Sexiest thing you wear to bed besides being naked?
Jolina- Nice matching longerie, maybe red or black with high heels on.

XA - What would you say is your best sexual talent?
Jolina- Everything, Im very talanted as long as is with the right person.

XA - Would you ever mind giving a guy directions on how to please you?
Jolina- Yes.

XA - Since you've been in modeling, what have you learned that you would tell first, to a new girl who asked you about modeling?
Jolina- Be patient, dont take things to heart in this industry.

XA - Did you drink mate when you lived in Argentina?
Jolina- lol, how do you know about it? No I didnt ,but my mum does.

XA - Is Dulce de leche to die for?lol
Jolina- Yes Argentina is the originator of dulce de leche, is the best in cakes , ice cream, chocolates, etc yum

XA - What's new that you have coming up, we need to be on the look out for?
Jolina- Im looking to put together a DVD very soon.

XA - Say something to all your fans that love you and to the new ones who just 
found out about you?
Jolina- I love you guys, thanks for the support!!

XA - You once were in gymnastics? How flexible are you still?
Jolina- Im still flexible , I done it for many years

XA - Do you have any battery gadgets that are like family to you?
Jolina-  I pod , Phone

XA - What's your favorite type of porn to watch?
Jolina- Big booty girls with strong men.
XA- Nice lol

XA - What makes you laugh?
Jolina- silly people.

XA - Last question Beautiful, you can only choose one word. Kiss, Suck, or Blow?
Jolina- Lol, kiss a lot maybe lol Im a lady
XA- Yes you are, a very Beautiful one at that lol

XA - I would like to Thank Jolina B for this interview.
Jolina- Thank you it was a pleasure!!

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