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Xxotic Angels V Day Honey Adrienne El Sue Espanol

Eye Color:green 
Hair Color:dark brown 
Birthday:March 27th 
Hometown:Phoenix, AZ but now reside in Charlotte, NC 
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Xxotic Angels Adrienne 
El Sue Espanol

Interview by New York

XA - Hey Adrienne, how's everything?
Adrienne- Everything is great thank you for asking.

XA - How did you come up with this 
beautiful nickname of  yours?
Adrienne- It actually sprouted from my supporters. I was constantly getting emails from people telling me that I am their dream woman because I got the brains to go along with the face and body. People are also very curious as to what ethnicity I am. I constantly have to explain to people that I am Spanish & Mexican, so I put the two together and came up with  “El Sueño Español” which is spanish for “The Spanish Dream” I think this nickname represents me to the core since 
it gives others an idea of my heritage and 
also describes me as a dream woman.

XA - So you was born in Spain, do you 
remember anything about that time?
Adrienne- Honestly I really don't other than taking a lot of naps.
XA - What was growing up in Phoenix, Az like?
Adrienne- I had a great childhood. I grew up on a small farm with lots of animals and lots of chores. I think I was quite spoiled though. While others were inside playing Atari, I was in the back yard riding horses. Phoenix is such a wonderful city and I think if I grew up in a bigger city I wouldn't of had all the luxuries I did as a kid. 

XA - Were the boys chasing you like crazy in Phoenix?
Adrienne- More like I was chasing the I was such a tomboy, most of the boys were afraid of me.

XA - At what age did you make the move fromPhoenix to Charlotte?
Adrienne- I've only been in Charlotte going on 2 years now. I actually lived in Las Vegas before Charlotte for about 3 years and before that was Phoenix.

XA - By your bio, you have been grinding. Where did you get your drive from?
Adrienne- I've always been the type of girl with a lot of drive and ambition, it's just instilled in me.

XA - Are some models over picky about not doing projects to get their face out there?
Adrienne- I think some are but to them modeling may be a career, so it's understandable.

XA - Time for the hard questions lol Are you taken or dating?
Adrienne- Oh gosh here we I am currently single.

XA - What type of guy does a 
Dream Girl like you date?
Adrienne- I'm big on looks ao I want a guy who is tall, athletic build, nice smile and pretty teeth. I also prefer a man who is confident yet humble and 
who has a presence about him that when in a crowd you just can't take your eyes off of him. He has to be goal and family orientated, have a good head on his shoulders, good sense of humor to be able to make me laugh, and treat me with respect. I like a man who keeps it real, forget the little white lies or beating around the bush just be real with me.

XA - Can he watch football with one hand down his draws drinking a beer? lol
Adrienne- He sure can and I'd be right there beside him, without my hand down my draws of

XA - There are 24 hours in a day, how many of them does sex come on your mind?
Adrienne- I've never been big on sex, but the last few years I want it all the time! So to answer your question it is on my mind for a few hours a day.

XA - You've done a few car shows, I've done a few too but the first one was so exciting. What was your first one like for you?
Adrienne- The first one was exciting but scary. I'm rather quite and shy person so to have all these people coming at you with comments and wanting to take pictures was hard for me to get used to.

XA - Do you still do them now?
Adrienne- I do still do them as much as I can. I love it more and more every time.

XA - Out of all the things you have done, what has been the most fun? 
Magazines or the Car shows?
Adrienne- Definitely the car shows. People can see the magazines and develop this fantasy about you but when people see that you look better in person it makes that fantasy far more real. I also love all the people I get to meet at the shows whereas doing a magazine doesn't give you that people interaction.

XA - Do you enter the bikini contest when you're at the car shows?
Adrienne- I never have entered a bikini contest. Most girls who do car shows are quite skinny with not many curves. I don't think it would be much of a contest if I entered, so I let the others get their moment of fame.

XA - Tell me about your calendar and website?
Adrienne- Well, I have my very first personal calender out this year for 2011. I am very excited about it. I took photo sets from my favorite photographers and had my graphic designer      (@westwood4ever on twitter) design the perfect calendar. It is definitely a must get...just ask around to people who have seen it! As far as my website goes, I have been having a hard time getting it finished. I had a web designer start the site but then backed out on me just before it was supposed to be released. So needless to say the site is at a stand still for now, but I am confident that I can find the perfect business partner to help me design the site and get it up for all my fans to see. 

XA - Give a shout out to your fans?
First and foremost thank you for the feature! I’d also like to personally thank all of those that have stood by me and followed my modeling career since the days I lived on the island, which was over 8 years ago! You guys have helped me grow as a model and much more as a person...thank you. To all of those who have just jumped on the bandwagon, welcome and thank you! I have a lot in store for you and you will not be disappointed. Without all of you I am merely just another girl on the internet, so your love and support is greatly appreciated! 

XA - What's new that you have coming up, we need to be on the look out for?
Adrienne- Well make sure to pick up your copy of my 2011 Dream the Impossible Dream Calendar. Also be on the lookout for me in several magazines & car shows. Follow me on twitter to stay up to date.

XA - Random: Ever do sexting to keep a man's mind on you?
Adrienne- I do but I do it at random when he least expects it. 

XA - Do you own any porn or adult gadgets?
Adrienne- I'm single and in my sexual prime...enough said.

XA - Your a doctor I read on your twitter bio?
Adrienne- I am a doctor...a veterinarian

XA - How long have you been one?
Adrienne- For about 4 years now.

XA - Ever role play with just your stethoscope on?
Adrienne- LOL, I have not as of yet.

XA - It's Valentine's Day!! so let's set the mood. 
What needs to be done for you to have a Great Valentine's Day?
Adrienne- Honestly V-Day is just another 
day for me. I mean I want a man to make me
 feel special 365 days a year not 1 day out of the year.

XA - Candy or Flowers?
Adrienne- Oh definitely candy. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a candy freak.

XA - Do you throw on any sexy lingerie on this day, or just a sexy bra and thong for this night?
Adrienne- Whatever he wants.

XA - Hey Beautiful, ever had to have it, so you did it in public?
Adrienne- Only once

XA - Can a women go blind from to much masturbation?lol
Adrienne- Umm no

XA - Last question, what's the sexiest thing you wear in public 
that men say Damn Babygirl?lol
Adrienne- I get that all the time, even in my sweats, so I don't really 
have a specific answer to that question.

XA - I would like to thank Adrienne El Sueno Espanol for this interview.
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