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Xxotic Angels Feb Feature Mesha Seville

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Measurements: 36D 27 45          
Height: 5'7
Weight: 155
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black
Nationality: puerto rican/black 
Brithday: 8-8
Hometown: jersey
Booking Info:

Mesha Seville is a Jersey girl. A Black and Puerto Rican mix. She is know for her thick thighs that dont stop. You have seen Mesha is magazines and sites like Smooth, Source, Straight Stutin cover, Asset's cover, Urban Ink,Hip Hop Weekly, Don Diva, Hidden Treasures, Diva Dymes,Dynasty Series,Show Magazine Black Lingerie 13 and many more to come.

Xxotic Angels Mesha Seville 
Interview by New York

XA - Hello Mesha, how are you?  I'm glad I got a chance to interview you?
Mesha- Hi how are you? Thank you for interviewing me. 

XA - My Oh My did I read your stats right? Your hips are 44 inches?
(if loving you is wrong I don't wont to be right) lol
Mesha-Actually 45inches a lot women back there lol 
XA- Yes there is lol

XA - Can I give you a Ms Thickness award?
Mesha- yes, you sure can lol 

XA - So you're a Jersey girl? Do any fist pumping?
Mesha-Actually I do NY I love house music lol

XA - What was you like has a teenager in Jersey?
Mesha- Being a teenager was great for me, I think I was popluar hahaha

XA - Did your milkshake bring all the boys to the yard?
Mesha - Yup (laughing)

XA - The Big question, is Mesha seeing anyone or just dating?
Mesha- Nope iam single

XA - What type of guy is a Mesha man?
Mesha- A confident, respectful hard working honest man

XA - You've done the magazine Urban Ink, how many tattoos do you have?
Mesha- I have 6 tattoos there in secret places but I think everyone has seen 
them in my pictures 

XA - Are you flexible?
Mesha - Yes 

XA - If you was only allowed one position to have sex, which one would it be?
Mesha- can't decide 
XA - lol

XA - Has alcohol ever played a part in you being creative during sex?
Mesha- No alcohol needed lol

XA - You're part Puerto Rican, can you cook any of those great spanish dishes?
Mesha- Yes its my specialty

XA - Have you ever been to the Puerto Rican parade in  New York?
Mesha - yes of course but I haven't been and years

XA - Do you speak spanish and are latin men surprised you understand,
what their saying in spanish?
Mesha-I speak a little and understand more, sometime their surprise not really though
I look mix I think.

XA - You've done a lot of magazine work, what do you like best about doing them?
Mesha- I love taking pictures, capturing the moment

XA - Will there be any music video's that we see you in soon?
Mesha- Yes hopefully a lot in the upcoming year their being discuss as we speak

XA - Where do you get your drive from, your grind is amazing?
Mesha- my mother she's a hard worker

XA - What makes you laugh?
Mesha- I think laughter is the best medicine, I like being goofy sometimes you know.

XA - When you are not working, what does Mesha do for fun?
Believe it or not i am home relaxing watching tv or reading I like staying home

XA - Tell me what's happening next for you?
Mesha- well i am working on a calendar and a website as we speak. And I am working 
my way to television.

XA - Talk to all your fans and thank them?
Mesha-Without my fans I wouldn't be here thank you and the man upstairs. 
I appreciate my fans thank you for showing me love. I love you guys too.

XA - Hair pulling or Spanking?
Mesha- Depends on my mood

XA - What's the most unusual place you've ever had sex?
Mesha- A lady never tells

XA - Ok last one, direct your own movie. You, a video camera, and a bucket of ice 
in a heated room?
Mesha- oh lawd. Lmao
XA- lol can't I dream

XA - I want to thank Mesha Seville for this interview.  
Mesha- Ny thank you so much for this feature means a lot to me. Thank you again!. 
XA- You're welcome Luv

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