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Xxotic Angels Rookies Feature Juliana Ozanian

Measurements: 36D 26 41
Height: 5'1
Weight: 138
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Nationality: Armenian / Italian
Birthday: 7/31
Hometown: White Plains, NY
Twitter @armeniangirly

Booking Info:

 Bio: Juliana was born in the Bronx, NY on July 31st and raised by her loving parents in the suburbs of the Bronx,NY.  Juliana attended Catholic school the majority of her life and was blessed with incredible athletic abilities from a young age.  Throughout her childhood beginning at 3 years old she studied classical dance (ballet, tap and jazz)  which she continued until college.  She also played competitive softball throughout her Junior and High-school years.  As an honor student education was always a top priority in her life and she knew she wanted to pursue a college education  As a result, she moved to Boston, Massachusetts to attend college where she received 3 degrees a Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  She has been a practicing PT since 2003.  Modeling had always been a dream of hers and after linking up with Miami's hottest urban photographer MJ Flix her modeling career was set into motion this past July.  Juliana truly is one bad b*@!% as she defines the term triple threat; brains, beauty and booty. Holla! 

Xxotic Angels Juliana Ozanian
Interview by New York

XA - Hello  Juliana how have you been?
Juliana- I've been good, I definitely can't complain.  Work hard, play hard that's my motto.

XA - So you was born and rised in the Bx(Bronx)? what was it like for 
you growing up?
Juliana- Well I live in the Bx now but, I was actually raised in the suburbs of the Bx.  Growing up was interesting for me because I lived in a predominantly white town however, my closest friends were hispanic and black.  Ever since I can remember I always had a curvy body and I guess I was just more accepted by the minority.   
Crazy but totally true.

XA - Did your milk shake then also bring 
all the boys to the yard? 

Juliana- Actually it did whether this is a good or a bad thing I don't know, 
but I always say that my big booty is a blessing 

and curse. LOL

XA - Since Kim Kardashian mention she was Armenian, you girls are popping up with Hot looks and sexy booties everywhere. Why are we just noticing you girls now?
Juliana- Well Armenians are definitely getting a lot of publicity because of Kim K. but, we have always been here and we really all do naturally have big boobs, small waists and large booties. It's just genetics and we are blessed.

XA - Tell us where we might have 
seen you before?
Juliana- I have not been feature in any magazines yet, but you can find the pictures from my first photoshoot with MJFlix on his website

XA - How long have you been modeling?
Juliana- I actually just started to model 8 months ago so I am totally new to the scene.
Originally my vision was to model in all the top national magazines like Smooth and BlackMens, but now I am more focused on fitness modeling. That's how Coco started her career, so I am going to follow her lead and see where it takes me. 

XA - What was your first photoshoot like?
Juliana- My first photoshoot was with MJ Flix and it was absolutely amazing. A dream come true. My shoot took place in Miami in a suite in the Fountainblue overlooking the ocen. We literally shot all day and it took a team of people. Big shout out to the Nikon Don MJ, his make-up artist Chelitza Marie and my best friend Alexis for making the day such a success.

XA - Are you dating or do you have that special one who cuddles with 
you everynight?
Juliana- I am actually now dating someone who was a good friend of mine for the past 4 years. It just feels right because we have that level of trust since we were friends first.

XA - What does a guy have to do 
to get you attention?
Juliana- Hmmmm...let's see. I have a list. Do you want the run down?
1. Confident  2. Ambitious  3. Generous   My biggest pet peeve is Cocky and Cheap mo-fo's.  Go that way!!!

XA - Have you ever made the first move?
Juliana- I have never made the first move on a guy  and thinks thats because 1. I am a little shy sometimes around guys and 2. I am kind of old fashioned and I like when the guy comes to me and show interest.

XA - I see that you used to play softball? What position did you play 
and can you still play now?
Juliana- Yes, I did. I was actually the catcher and I don't play anymore due to a knee injury, but I really miss it. This summer I would like to play in the local city league that found out about. I do still go to the batting cage from time to time. I love to hit balls.
XA - I didn't say it, you did Beautiful lol

XA - I'm gonna pitch to you one day, hope you can hit my slow ball? lol
Juliana- Hopefully I still have it in me.

XA - Tell us something about yourself that has nothing to do with modeling?
Juliana- Well, I love to work out. I run and weight lift. It's my favorite past time. I am also, a big geek. I always loved going to school and I watch the discovery channel every day to keep my mind active. I like to learn new things.

XA - What was your first major gig?
Juliana- Lots of things in the works but nothing major as of yet. Stay tuned.

XA - Was you nervous and have butterflies or did everything just come naturally?
Juliana- I was sooo nervous for my first shoot. I am sure that I will be nervous the next time but, I hope as I gain experience in the industry everything will be more natural.

XA - After you meet a man, when do you know you want to have sex with him?
Juliana- I wouldn't say that I set a time like some people do but, I am very old fashioned so on average I wait about 3 months to see where the guy's head is at. I can't just have sex with someone for sex, there has to be a connection there for me otherwise it's just not fulfilling.

XA - What can you do that most 
beautiful girls can't?
Juliana- Hahahahaha... well I took dance and gymnastic lessons from age 2 to 18 I can do splits and handstands. LOL

XA - Some women are meant to run wild, are you that type, or is it you're more tame?
Juliana- I think to a certain degree all women go through phases. I definitely think there was a time in my life when I was more care free but, now a days I would have to say tame. I actually enjoy taking care of the house and my man and I don't go out much.

XA - What do you have coming up that we need to be on the look out for?
Juliana- Lots of things in the works so I will keep you and the fans posted.

XA - Give a shout out to all of your fans?
Juliana- Yes, omg! Big big shout out to all may fans,thank you for showing me so much love and support!

XA - So you're a Physical Therapist? 
What made you decide to get into that 
field of work?
Juliana- When I was in high-school I had a bad knee injury and had to go for physical therapy. I was exposed to the profession then and I was inspired.

XA - Have you become more flexible 
since becoming one?
Juliana- jejejeje I have always been very flexible because of my dance background.

XA - What's your personal taste in lingerie?
Juliana- I like sexy but classy lingerie. I love anything with lace.

XA - How often do you think about sex?
Juliana- I think about sex every single day. I love sex.
XA - Standing up and Clapping!!! lol  

XA - Last one, What's the most adventurous thing you've done?
Juliana- Hmmmm....I have done a lot of adventurous things in my life but, if I had to pick one amazing and memorable moment. I would have to say having sex at night on the beach in Puerto Rico back in the day with my first love. It was like something from movie.

XA - I want to thank  for this interview, if you want to see more of her
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