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Xxotic Angels March Feature Jesse Layne

Measurements: 34DD 25 38
Height: 5''3'
Weight: 112
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown
Nationality: Ecuadorian
Birthday: 11/27/85
Hometown: Guayaquil but I'm in 
Baltimore (Maryland) now ;)
Twitter @Jesse_Layne

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature 
Jesse Layne 

Interview by New York

XA - Hello Jesse, Thanks for doing this interview with me.
Jesse- Thank you for being interested. 
I'm flatter 

XA - You are an Xxotic Angel, how did you get into modeling?
Jesse- My ex submit some pictures to maxim and I was select as a hometown hottie then ppl start asking me about shooting for a calendars etc...

XA - What was your first photo shoot like?
Jesse- scary but at the same time I love it!!! is something about the camera make me feel hot and sexy ;)

XA - You shoot a lot with street bikes and cars. Do you have the need for speed?
Jesse- I love speed!!! we use to ride every thursday back in Ecuador with my best friend... and 2010/2011 calendars were about bikes so I was invited to different motorcycle/car shows to sign my calendars and poster! 

XA - Is the import scene where you first got your start in modeling?
Jesse- I start modeling for a bikini company Cover models is the name in LA, after that 
I shot for different magazines (import magazines)

XA - Question that all the guys around the world is focus on now.  Is Jesse attached 
or unattached?lol
Jesse- Unattached for sure!!!!  
I like to have fun and no drama ;)

XA - What kind of guy does Jesse 
normally go for?
Jesse- uhmmmm very secure, smart guy

XA - Does the regular funny guy have a chance with you?(looks up in the air) lol
Jesse- of course I'm just a regular girl!!!

XA - Random: Is your sex drive like 2 rams running they heads into each other till they tried or like 2 sand crabs racing to get into the ocean?lol
Jesse- hahahahaa I don't even know what to say! thats funny tho I'll say like 2 sand crabs racing to get into the ocean 
but I'm not sure what u mean by that lol
XA - I mean you do you have to have it all the time or just make love every now 
and then. lol

XA - Is italian meatballs still your favorite food to eat?lol
Jesse- LMAO not sure after my ex
XA - lol!! 

XA - What can you cook that I have to try?(crosses fingers it's chicken or fish)lol
Jesse- I don't cook but I can take u out for a yummy dinner ;) My italian sauce is 
pretty good tho
XA - lol That's fine with me Beautiful!!

XA - Tell me about your bikini line?
Jesse- uhhhhh what can I say it's taking longer than what I thought.... It's a very sexy, affordable line for curvy girls
XA - Nice!!  

XA - When it's time to shoot does the camera turn you on, cause your picture are amazing?
Jesse- thanks! I'm glad you like my work, I love cameras any time is good to shoot you can get great pic on the snow or the beach ;)

XA - You say that sometimes you like to act silly, what are some of the things you like to do?
Jesse- like I say before I'm a Dork i feel comfortable in my own skin, I'm not embarrassed to do or say whatever is on my mind, you have one life and is to short to worry about what ppl think!

XA - Beer, wine or the hard stuff?
Jesse- I love chardoney, whisky and grey goose. That's it!!!! I'm spanish 
but not tequila for me ;)
XA - lol

XA - What are some of the things on your website JESSELAYNE.COM for everyone to checkout?
Jesse- the members area have some free videos, wallpapers, online chats and of course more sexy pictures every month

XA - When you are not working, what do you do for fun?
Jesse- I been parting to much I have to stop lol monday to monday... karaokes, movies, bars, traveling visiting family, going to SPA's and to the Gym of course. I try to keep my self busy. I'm starting some new projects soon so now is my free time to play ;)

XA - Sexiest thing you will put on when you want all heads to look at you tonight?
Jesse- a mini dress. make my behind look bigger hahahahahaha

XA - You know you want the guy tonight, what's the one thing he can do wrong 
that instantly changes your minds?
Jesse- brag about money!!!! I hate it, it's not attractive and I don't care.

XA - Give so love to all of you fans?
Jesse- I try to be nice to every single one but sometimes is a little hard to answer every letter, every text or email :( sorry guys keep in touch I wouldn't have a website without u xoxo

XA - If you told me I can pick a movie from your dvd's collection, would I find 
any adult stuff by accident? lol
Jesse- OMG!!! that's funny I'm not big on porn's I just got 2 adult movies from 
my ex, I rather make my own lol.... jk
XA - lol

XA - When should a girl let her man know she has her special toys? lol
Jesse- Anytime!!!!! the best sex is when u feel comfortable to do whatever u want!!!

XA - Last one, What's the most unusual place you've ever hooed up? How'd it go?lol
Jesse- what's unusual??? parking lot, hwy, beach, nite clubs, police car? lol

XA - I like to thank Jesse Layne for this interview.

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