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Xxotic Angels March Feature Sheila P Smith

Measurements: 34D, 25, 39
Height: 5'5
Weight: 126
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Sometimes Brown sometimes Red....depends 
on my mood
Nationality: Vietnamese and Caucasion
Birthday: 11-8
Hometown: San DAYGO, CA
Twitter @SheilaPSmith

Booking Info: 

Xxotic Angels Feature 
Sheila P Smith

Interview by New York

XA - Hey Babygirl how are you doing?
Sheila- Im fabulous.....cant complain. Life's a blessing.
XA - Yes indeed, cause you are one of 
Life's Blessing!!!

XA - Ok I read your bio and you are a real Beautiful Boss!!! lol 
I was blown away, do you get that 
reaction from a lot from men?
Sheila-  Yes, most people assume a pretty face means she's uneducated and has a lack of intelligence.

XA - Do guys that work for you ever get
 the nerve up to ask you out? 
(I know I would of) lol
Sheila-   HA - yes that has happened before. 
I don't entertain as I don't mix business with pleasure :)

XA - Smart and Beautiful!!! 
Is a great combo in a woman, 
do you feel most men are 
intimidated by this?
Sheila-  As Steve Harvey says, its not necessarily intimidation they just ASSUME if a woman has it together they are going to hear about her talking about how  she's "all that" over and over. Men want to feel needed so I've learned LOL. However, I know some men can appreciate 
a confident woman.

XA - So it all started from 
Lil Freak video? lol 
Sheila- ..Yes, it did.

XA - How was it working on your 
first music video?
Sheila- LONG..but it was interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes.

XA - Do you plan to do more 
music videos?
Sheila- Possibly, but I'm particular and only want to make appearances with certain artists and not just be categorized as the "video girl". I much prefer being featured in magazines over videos. 

But I wont turn down DRAKE (chuckle). 
XA - Mr. Find Your Love huh? lol

XA - Ok I had to ask lol 
Are you a Lil Freak?
Sheila- hmmmmm...I'm a Scorpio. 
Enough said.

XA - Is there a Mr for Ms Smith yet or 
you just dating at the moment?
Sheila-  I'm dating. I just moved to Los Angeles and there's a whole sea of new fish. But, that's not my focus at this time. I'm really focused on my career and having fun. When the right one comes, it will be at the right time....it's all about timing.

XA - What type of man is right for you?
Sheila- Someone who is honest and secure with himself. He has to be worldly and one who can make me laugh. We have to be on the same page or it just wont work. Last but not least, you cant be crazy or have little boy tendencies. I love men, not boys.

XA - Does he have to make more money than you?
Sheila- NO...but I do understand a man needs to feel like he can provide for you so with that being said - he MUST have a job that he's passionate about or at least be working on his dreams not just talking about it. Nothing is sexier than a man's drive for a job he's passionate about.

XA - I read in your bio, 
you love dancing, does he have 
to dance good?
Sheila- hmm...it is very true Im a dancer. It is sexy if he can dance, but it's not a requirement. It's definitely not what I initially look for. I mean if he's hot he can just stand there while I seduce him on the dance floor. (LOL) 
XA - lol that's something 
I would say to a girl

XA - Random: Do you know if a man's  going to be good in bed by his dancing with you?
Sheila- There could be some 
truth to that.

XA - Besides your birthday suit, what else do you like to wear that's sexy?
Sheila- Honestly its not lingerie that I feel makes me sexy...because there's nothing hotter on a woman than a new pair of stilettos. I love walking in a room just like Rihanna said I'm "The hottest B*tch in heels right here". You cant touch me if I'm feeling my heels.  I'm in my own world.

XA- What's the most adventurous thing you've done when it comes to sex?
Sheila-  YIKES!!!!!!! Are there kiddos reading this?....maybe I'll keep that one under wraps because I'd get some phone calls pissing people off claiming you never told me that! HA
XA - lol I can hear your cell ringing now Beautiful!!

XA - Hey you ever done sexting to spark things up?
Sheila- **silence** lol
XA - You're WINNING!!! lol

XA - You have background in gymnastics, did you ever compete nationally?
Sheila- Yes, I was on a Co-ed All-Star cheer squad that represented San Diego GO OUTLAWS!!!..we were on ESPN...competed nationally. Matter of fact my coach, Ray Jasper, was the choreographer for the movie "Bring It On". We brought it!!  XA - Dreaming if you still have your pom poms now lol No but really that's good.

XA - How you did you get 
started into gymnastics?
Sheila- I woke up one morning and said I want to learn how to flip at age ten. Im spontaneous like that. I will just wake up in the morning and say I want to do something and then go do it.

XA - Does it come in handy 
in your sex life?
Sheila- Are you asking if Im flexible? Yes, very flexible.
XA - Two Thumbs Up!!! lol

XA - Ok explain www.Cobrilla.com to those of us that rode the short bus? lol
Sheila- Its an engieering consulting firm specializing in embedded wireless design. We are woman/minority owned. 
XA - Now you know why I call 
you a Boss!! lol

XA - What made you decide 
to start this company?
Sheila-  As I stated earlier in the interview, I wake up saying I want to do something and then I go do it. I have a Human Resources and recruiting background so Im very familiar with Engineers as I placed and hired them for years.

XA - Ever role play with a lab coat and glasses on? lol
Sheila- No, I've only played house :)
XA - Smiles

XA - Give a shout out to all your fans?
Sheila- XOXOXO more to come and thanks for your support!!!!!

XA - What do you have coming up that we should pay attendtion to?
Sheila- I just moved to LA and already talking to a few more magazines...
so you will see me featured real soon.

XA - Are you a wild one, who needs to be tame? lol 
Sheila-  Yes, I love being tamed and you making me call you daddy. I can be very submissive for the right one. There are very few that can do this though. You got to have me SPRUNG. If you can't stimulate me intellectually, then I won't be turned on physically and you cant even tame the hairs on my head ha.
XA - Speechless!! lol

XA - You like to speak you mind, would you ever give a man directions 
on how to please you in bed?
Sheila- No - I have no patience. Its CURTAINS. 

XA - Last question, you can only used one of these objects to aid you in a fantasy. 
Ice, Honey, or Whip Cream?
Sheila-  Honey for sure...good for sore throats I hear. It's a calming agent....hehe
XA - LMAO!!! You Are Too Beautiful!! 

XA - I would like to thank Sheila for taken time out for this interview. 
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