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Xxotic Angels March Feature Model Brittani D

Height: 5'7
Weight: 120
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Nationality: Italian
Birthday: March 26
Hometown: Hollywood FL
Twitter @ModelBrittaniD

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature 
Model Brittani D

Interview by New York

XA - Hey Brittani, how are 
you doing Luv? 
Brittani- I cannot complain!

 XA - Were you born and rasied in 
Fort Lauderdale, FL? 
Brittani- In the surrounding areas 
more or less, yes.

 XA -  What was growing up like for you? Was you the town beauty, that 
the boys couldn't get enough of?  
Brittani- Not necessarily, I was always
a tom boy anyway not really 
interested at the time.

XA - How did you decide to 
go into modeling? 
Brittani- One day last year I was like I need more cash so I got in touch with this 
promo agency and went from there!

XA - You have a Great Body!! Do girls let you know that just has much as the guys do? 
Brittani- Thank you and yes they 
definatly do ;)

XA - How often do you workout?
Brittani- I try to work out at least 4 times a week, and do yoga.

XA - Tell me some of the things 
that you have been in?
Brittani- I was on the cover of Februarys ITBmagazine( I had a 4 page spread in Januarys issue of Nine5Four Magazine. 
I've been in ThatsHOTmagazine a few times
as well as STAREmagazine. 
Those are my most recent accomplishments.

XA - You've only been modeling for a year, what have you learn since 
you have started?
Brittani- That people in this industry are not who they always seem.

XA - On a road trip what music 
do you listen to? 
Brittani- Drum and bass, Jungle, Dubstep. Something with a little "boom" factor in it.

XA - Every guy on the internet 
seeing this question is 
focusing now. lol 
Are you mingling or taken?
Brittani-Taken by my fans :)

XA - Brittani's Mr Wonderful type is?
Brittani- Mr wonderful... hmm.. Funny, whitty, intelligent, spirtual, physically fit.

XA - Which guy doesn't have a chance with you? Austin Powers or Bobby Boucher? lol
Brittani- Austin lol ..bad dental hygine?

XA - Is you sex drive like 2 Bee's buzzing around or like Kangaroos hopping 
behind each other? lol
Brittani- I am very sexual.

XA - What are some of the things you do, 
to make sure you live life to the fullest?
Brittani- Live everyday literally as if it 
were my last, never taking a single breath 
for granted. And most importantly I do whatever i want to make me happy. 

XA - You say you're a natural born leader, give me an example of how you 
take the leadership role?
Brittani- My daily life is a example. Nothing was given to me I earned  everything myself that i have today from the car i drive to the shoes on my feet. To the modeling job i have tomorrow. I make it happen. 

XA - Give me 3 tv shows you must watch?
Brittani- Futurama and Pawn Stars. I dont watch much TV though, its not good for you lol.

XA - What type of movies do 
you like to watch? 
Brittani- Comedy!

XA - Would you ever watch a horror 
movie by yourself?
Brittani- Hell no. I couldn't even watch it with 40 people in the same room lol
XA - lol 

XA - Tell me something that you would do, that I 
would never guess?
Brittani- Go to Egypt and walk inside the tombs.
XA - Yeah I wouldn't think of that one lol

XA - What magazines you would love to be in?
Brittani- Maxim, sports illustrated

XA - Would you ever do Playboy and why?
Brittani- I would say no at the moment but who knows!

XA - Tell me what you have coming up that we 
need to look out for?
Brittani- Featured in March in StareMagazine as well 
as a ton of new work that you can see at   

XA - Give all your fans some Love?
Brittani- Thank you all you are whats 

keeping me going!

XA - Did you laugh the first time you heard 
the saying 
Bieber Fever? lol
Brittani- Yeah..

XA - Are you spicy or sweet?
Brittani- I am very sweet but with my blunt personality people can take that as spicy at times ;)

XA - Tonight you must look your sexiest, what do you wear out in public?
Brittani- A hot tight dress with 
high pumps and tons of accessories!

XA - Ever apply any of  your yoga 
moves during having relations 
with someone? lol
Brittani- Definatly.

XA -  I would like to thank Brittani Dee 

for this interview
Brittani- Anytime baby.

If you want to see more of her, here are some links:
twitter @ModelBrittaniD

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