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Xxotic Angels March Feature Stephy C

Measurements: 32-25-38 (all natural)
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 118
Eye Color: Gold-Brown
 Hair Color: Reddish Brown
Nationality: Caucasian (Mostly French and German-Jewish) and Native American 
Birthday: April 8th
Hometown: Born in Evanston, IL 
and raised in LaPorte, IN 
Twitter @JustStephyC  (follow me ;) 

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Xxotic Angels Feature 
Naked Stephy C

Interview by New York

XA - I was so excited when I found out I was interviewing you. 
Hello Beautiful!!
StephyC- Hi there! Hope you 
are well today. 
XA - I am Thanks Luv!!

XA - In your bio I read you've been modeling for 2-1/2 years, and have been in some big name mags? How does that make you feel?
StephyC- Yes, I have been modeling full time for about 2-1/2 years now. I think it is amazing that I have come so far in this short time because I never pictured myself doing this! I always wanted to be an actress or a model when I was younger but never thought it would become my reality (especially since I am short, lol). I feel great but I know I have to keep striving and pushing to make all of my dreams come true. 

XA - So let everyone know where they might have seen you before?
StephyC- The main place people have probably seen me is Playboy. I've shot with them multiple times and have been in the main magazine, special editions, and online as a Cyber Girl. I have also been in Straight Stuntin Magazine (Issue #14), Gorgeous Magazine (premier print issue), some smaller magazines, coffee table books, lots of online features, and I will be in upcoming issues of SHOW and Blackmen magazines. 

XA - How exciting was it for you to do, when you found out you 
was going to be in Playboy?
StephyC- It was very exciting and somewhat nerve wracking. I was still in college at Purdue at the time. They came there for a casting call and I figured I had nothing to lose and didn't really think they would pick me. But they did, and I was super happy. It was my first photo shoot ever! They made it go very smoothly though and I had a great time. After that I wanted to do more, and here I am today! 

XA - What month were you in Playboy?
StephyC- Girls of the Big Ten (Main Magazine, Oct 08) 
-Natural Beauties (Oct/Nov 2009) 
-Cyber Girl of the Week (October 2009)
-College Girls (Jan/Feb 2010)
-Natural Beauties (April/May 2010) 
-Sexy 100 (Spring 2010)
-Playboy's Top Party Schools 
(Main Magazine, May 2010)
-Cyber Girl Xtra - (September 2010)
-Hot Buns (November 2010) 

XA - In fact you got a nickname since you've done Playboy right? lol
StephyC- I have? NakedStephyC lol 

XA - Were you always this comfortable with your body to be able to go
all natural?
StephyC- Not completely. I did always like being naked and I knew I looked OK, but I used to be pretty skinny. I ran competitively all through High School and through most of college. I stopped running so much toward the end of college and gained some weight in the right places. I love having more curves; it definitely makes me feel feminine and more confident! I am definitely more comfortable now. 

XA - I just want to say your pics are 
mouth watering. lol 
Do you come up with all the concepts?
StephyC- Why thank you! I come up with some of the concepts, but sometimes the photographer does too or we work together and listen to each others ideas. Good collaboration always helps make a really hot shot. 
XA - Well keep Doing It Beautiful!! It's Working Well!!

XA - So tell me how does it feel to be so many men fantasies?
StephyC- It's interesting...I never thought I would be fantasized about so much, lol. I like it though...I think deep down everyone wants to be wanted in some way or another. I don't always want to hear the details though..I've heard some pretty crazy stuff! o_0 
XA - LOL!!!

XA - Was the boys always chasing you even when you was a teenager?
StephyC- Yes they were, lol. Despite being skinny, I was still a cute girl 
and I've always had a fun personality. I was even more shy back then though, 
so I only let them catch me some of the time, haha. 
XA - lol

XA - Is there a Mr. Naked in your life or you holding audtions? lol
StephyC- Hah! No Mr. Naked right now and I'm not really holding auditions, 
but you never know what could happen. 

XA - You are very open, which I love 
by the way. lol 
Does the man you intend to be with have to be the same way?
StephyC- Thank you. I think being open minded in multiple aspects of life is very important. The man that I am with will definitely have to be the same, or at least compatible with my openness. If he's not, it probably won't work out. 

XA - Name a movie tittle that would describe your sex drive?
StephyC- Austin Powers, 
International Man of Mystery 
XA - LMAO!!! I would love to hear why? lol

XA - If you choose to entertain 
a man for the evening, 
is there anything off limits sexually?
StephyC- Yes...the backdoor is exit only!
XA - Yes I say the samething lol 

XA - The one position a man has to do right or him being your man is out
of the question?
StephyC- His head between my legs, LOL 
XA - I hear you on this one LOL!!!!

XA - So you was a boiler maker, 
what was your major?
StephyC- Yep, I went to Purdue and 
was a Boilermaker! I studied Mass Communications and Spanish and graduated
with a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts in 2008 

XA - Tell me something about Stephy that I would never guess?
StephyC- Despite not being modest about showing my body, I am am actually pretty shy in person when I first meet people. I am also modest in regards to personality and very down to earth. 

XA- I see that you are a big sports fan. When you watch your team do you 
get crazy like a guy?lol
StephyC- I love sports, especially football! My favorite team is DA BEARSSS. I do get crazy, especially if they are losing. I want to throw things at the TV, lol. I also get nervous before games, as if I'm going to be playing! 
XA - No you don't? lol

XA - You have your website tell us some 
of the exciting things that are one it?
StephyC- Oh boy...there are soooo many exciting things on there! I can't even tell you in this small response. There is lots of nakedness, pictures, HD videos, guest galleries of other sexy ladies, webcam chats coming soon, and so much more. You will just have to check it out for yourself ;) 
XA - I have and You are Amazing on you're site!! I Give It 5 WOODY'S!! lol

XA - Tell me what do you have coming up?
StephyC- I will be in upcoming issues of BlackMen and Show Magazines. I will continue traveling and shooting and being naked a lot. I would like to do more acting and also some music videos. Hopefully I'll shoot for Playboy again soon too ;) 

XA - Give some love to all your fans out there?
StephyC- I love you all! *flashes boobs* 
XA - That's the best giving back love to your fans I've ever seen lol 

XA - Are you a big fan on 
girl on girl action?
StephyC- I would say I'm a fan, lol. Women are so beautiful and when you put two (or more o_0) hot ones together it can be crazy and lovely at the same time. 

XA - Name a few female models/celebs you wouldn't mind being with?
StephyC- Eva Mendes, Zoe Saldaña, Sofia Vergara, and my girls Rosa Acosta, Scarlet Reyn, and
Jillisa Lynn
XA - I love your choices we have the same taste, the last 3 are on my list too lol 

XA- I heard that you walk around naked when you're at home?
StephyC- Of course! It's so much more comfortable and less restrictive. And natural too! 
XA - Let's All Clap To This!!! lol

XA - When did this custom with you start?lol
StephyC- In college, the first time I wasn't living with my parents. lol
XA - lol  

XA - Has alcohol ever played a role in you being creative during sex?
StephyC- Probably, but it usually just makes me tired. It might have led to some interesting decisions though'

XA - Last question, what's the one sex fantasy you have that hasn't been done yet?
StephyC- My lips are sealed! lol

XA - I want to thank Stephy C for this interview 
if you want to see more of her here are a few links below. 
twitter @JustStephyC (look for Mariela Henderson-Playboy name)  

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