Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Xxotic Angels March Feature Roxy

Measurements: 36-27-40 
Height: 5'5" 
Weight: 138
Eye Color:  brown
Hair Color: recent a reddish brown, previously blond
Nationality:  Puerto Rican
Birthday: Valentine's Day
Hometown: Perth Amboy 

Booking Info: uloveroxyg@gmail.com

Xxotic Angels Feature 
Princess Roxy

Interview by New York

XA - Hello Luv, Thank you for this how is things with you?
Roxy- Hey! Things are just great =)

XA - I first want to say you are Beautiful!! Do guys find excuses to stop and talk with you, from first time seeing you?
Roxy- Thank you. Ummm, YEA!! [giggles].

XA - So you're a jersey girl? Do you fist pump? 
Roxy- Just when i'm being silly at the clubs and the right song comes on! [laughs]

XA - Where you born and raised in jersey?
Roxy- Sure was!

XA - What was you like as a teenager? 
Roxy- Pretty loud! [smiles].

XA - Boy crazy or didn't pay them any mind?
Roxy- Never boy crazy, just payed SOME attention haha!

XA - The first place you take me to in jersey if I've never been?
Roxy- Jersey Shore of course [laughs]
XA - How did I not guess that lol

XA - Your the life of the party, you said in your bio explain?
Roxy- Yes yes of course, i know how to have a good time and my vibe is contagious so if i'm having fun, everyone else is as well!

XA - What got you into modeling?
Roxy- Back when Myspace was big, I would receive a lot of messages from modeling management, online magazines, websites, etc asking me if they could shoot/feature me etc... After a few months i decided to give it a try and I did my first shoot/spread for VBlazin Magazine...

XA - How was you first time in front of the camera?
Roxy- Haha NERVE wrecking! I was a little bit shy and soooo conservative.. But I learned to loosen up a little [smiles].

XA - Tell us about the few music videos that you've done?
Roxy- I've done videos for upcoming artists that you can view on youtube such as Dayz Dutch, Piff Unit, Aaron Jones, as well as for major artists like Fat Joe, Fabolous, Trey Songz, RayJ, Maino, Red Cafe etc... I just recently shot a video for a reggaeton artist named Gadiel as well... 

XA - Hardest question of this interview, guys fingers are crossed. 
Are you single or is there some lucky dude you with?
Roxy- There IS some lucky dude [smiles].. Sorry fellas!

XA - What kind of guy does Roxanne like?
Roxy- As long as he's faithful and honest, he's good in my book!

XA - Does he have to be out going like you are can he be laid back?
Roxy- Has to be a combination of both... Laid back to balance me out, but then, outgoing to have fun WITH me! [laughs]... I can be really laid back too though!

XA - Random: Is your sex drive like fast and the furious or a traffic jam on the New Jersey turnpike moving nowhere?lol 
Roxy- u got some NERVE! pssh!
XA - I do, Don't I lol

XA - What made you decide to become a nursing student?
Roxy- My compassion for people... Working at a hospital where most nurses didn't care much about their patients made me realize that I want to be that one nurse that actually CARES for her patients and makes them as comfortable as possible in that environment [smiles].

XA - How long have you been in school for nursing?
Roxy- Just over 2 years...

XA - Are you what they call 
a Candy Striper?lol (sorry old fantasy)
Roxy- Haha ummmm... NO! [laughs] Silly!

XA - What does Roxanne do when she's not modeling and need fun?
Roxy- Depends on my mood.. I can go out with the girls and have a few drinks or hit up a movie theater and have some gummi bears! [laughs]. 

XA -  You say you're silly at times, what's the silliest thing that you've recently?
Roxy - Well, the other night I recorded myself
 wiggling my nose like a rabbit... It's a hidden talent [smiles].
XA - LOL!!!

XA -  Also you were a XXL Web Honey right?  What month was it and how did you feel being a Web Honey?
Roxy- Oh wow, I honestly don't even remember what month it was, I remember it being nice receiving all this support and at the same time, fun watching the haters commenting under my interview [laughs], sooo pathetic.
XA - August 2008 lol I do my 
home work lol

XA - Show some love to all of your fans out there?
Roxy-  ALWAYS! I have fans that have showed me love and support since myspace days! Always appreciate them! Also appreciate the love and support I get from my hometown with the exception of a FEW of course [smiles]. Thanks to everyone who continue to show me love, it's much appreciated; and even to those of you who hate me, because ya'll are the BIGGEST fans by far [wink].

XA - What do you have coming up that you want us to watch out for?
Roxy-  Well, I will be updating my website PRINCESSROXY.COM soon with new pics and videos, also making it a bit more entertaining and fun... I also just started a youtube channel (pinkprincessroxy) so everyone can feel free to check me out on that as well... I'm going to have fun with that [laughs].

XA - So who are you a secretary for?
Roxy- A nursing unit at a hospital...

XA - Ever had a fantasy: Boss & the Secretary?lol
Roxy- Nope! Not at all...

XA - Do you watch adult movies or have any toys?
Roxy- Sheesh, what's up with these crazy questions??? That stuff is personal! [nods head]. 

XA - What do you wear that anytime a dude see you in it, he saids Damn?lol
Roxy-  Anything and everything! [laughs].

XA - I would like to thank Roxanne Gonzalez for this interview, if you want more of her 
check these links out.

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