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Xxotic Angels March Feature Jessica Pangelina

Measurements: 26D,26,34
Height: 5'6  
Weight: 130
Hair Color: BLACK HAIR
Nationality: white, mexican, guamanian, 
& native american
Birthday: 7.23.1987
Hometown: Bay Area, California
Twitter @missjpangelina

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature 
Miss J Pangelina

Interview by New York

XA -Hey Jessica, how's everything Babygirl? 
Jessica- im great!!! thanks :)

XA - Ok, how long have you been modeling? 
Jessica- a little over 3 years now

XA - Tell us where we might of seen you before? 
Jessica- 6 page feature Girls of Lowrider Magazine, Centerfold in Lowrider Magazine, and Covergirl of Streetlow Magazine. I've also been seen in a few music videos of Bay Area Artist such as Big Rich, Jacka, The Hoodstarz, Balance and Bueno.

XA - are you having fun and 
enjoying modeling? 
Jessica- of course i am!!!!!!

XA - You are very Beautiful, do you get compliments from both men and women? 
Jessica- haha, yes i do!

XA - Are you very focus on your career that you're to busy for any love life, or is there someone special in your life? 
Jessica- i am focused but i do make sometime for myself

XA - What's your (Mr. At This Moment) 
type of guy? 
Jessica- focused, determined, handsome 
and caring

XA - Looks or Money mean anything or 
is it about the guy and his heart ? 
Jessica- i mean looks do mean something because there has to be a physical attraction but looks aren't everything, and i cant mess with someone broke, i work hard for what i have and i expect a man to do the same, be able to provide for him and spoil me a bit :) AND HIS HEART, is the most important!!!

XA - The simplest thing you can do to make me happy is? 
Jessica- Lay there and listen, and Chocolate Mochi Ice cream from Trader Joes                                       

XA - If you could have a sexy photo shoot with any celebrity, who would it be with? 
Jessica- Chad Ochocinco

XA  - What are your sexiest features that women compliment you on 
and men say Damn!! Babygirl?(lol) 
Jessica- My Eyes

XA - is your sex drive like a drive like a Great White Shark  who needs to eat 24 hours a day or like Seals laying on the beach when it happens it happens? 
Jessica- when im involved im for 
sure a shark!! lol!
XA - lol 

XA - Do you watch 
or own any porn? 
Jessica- not really into it

XA - besides being naked, what's the sexiest thing you like to wear to turn on a man? 
Jessica- his tee shirt with nothing underneath ;)
XA - Hot!!!

XA - do most guys come up to you or do 
they have a hard time trying to find 
something to say to ask you out? 
Jessica- the ones that do come up to me are pretty lame! lol, the pick up lines these guys come up with nowadays are hilarious!!! 

XA - When was the last time you had a great conversation? 
And was it with a guy or girl? 
Jessica- i can always count on my bestfriends 
for a good conversation!!!

XA - Are you attracted to woman? and tell us your Katie Perry moment with a girl? 
Jessica- i find women attractive but i would never just date one. 

XA - Do you have any secret weakness or guilty pleasures? Please leave out 
nothing? (lol) 
Jessica- lips are sealed!!! lol

XA - Is there anything that makes you mad, you have to say that sucks? 
Jessica- i hate the rain and traffic!!!!!!!
XA - Why do I feel you have road rage!! lol

XA - What's new that you have coming up, we need to be on the look out for? 
Jessica- im been working hard and building a plan with my management , i plan to move to la and get a lot more publications so be on the look out!!!

XA - Say something to all your fans that love and to the new ones who just found out about you? Jessica- thanks for all the love and support to my fans i appreciate u all, and to my haters which are just confused admirers i appreciate u all as well :)

XA - Wild child or laid back? 
Jessica- ummm i been known to be a wild child but i have calmed down a lot, i rather lounge in the house with the girls and have some nice wine and good laughs then hit the club nowadays

XA - Wildest thing you've ever done, that someone would say stop lying girl? 
Jessica- had sex on the bay bride
XA - You're #WINNING lol 

XA - Last question Babygirl, what speed is your showerhead set at?(lol) 
Jessica- lol my shower head is not removable 
XA - lol

XA - I would like to Thank Jessica Pangelina for this interview. 
Jessica- your welcome and thank you!

XA - If you want to see more of her Beauty, here are some links

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