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Xxotic Angels March Feature Krystle Vega


Height: 5 feet
Weight: 110
Eye Color: dark brown
Hair Color: dark brown
Nationality: Puerto Rican
Birthday: Sept. 14 1987
Hometown: Brooklyn NY
Twitter @MizzKrystleVega

Booking Info: 

Xxotic Angels Krystle Vega

Interview by New York

XA - Hey Babygirl, I'm glad I was able to get you for this interview. 
Welcome to Xxotic Angels? 
Krystle- Thank you hun its a pleasure to be featured :) 

XA -  First let me say Brooklyn's Up in Here!!!! lol NY - Where in Brooklyn are you from? 
Krystle- LOL Whoot Whoot!!! Im from East NY 

XA - What was you like has a 
teenager in Brooklyn? 
Krystle- OMG, I loved it! I was the cool girl with the new Jordans and the big name plate. Everyone wanted to be my friend and hang on my stoop!

XA - Was them BK boys chasing you
like chico sticks?lol
Krystle- Oh yes!! I was that "Did you see
Krystle Vega today? She looking good!! lol"

XA - Your sexiest feature that 
you get compliments on?
Krystle- I get a lot of complimentson my Lips!! Muahzzz
XA - Why Thank You Beautiful!!! lol

XA - Let us know where we might
have seen you before?
Krystle-You might have just recenlty seen me in the Dj Khaled ''Welcome to my hood" video alongside Nasty Beatmakers! Im the girl in the Coogie red shirt :)

XA - How did you get started in modeling?
Krystle- I got started when a guy I was dating said I couldn't do it. I proved him
wrong huh!? lol
XA - lol Yes you did Baby!!

XA - Tell us a little about your first
photo shoot ever?
Krystle- My first photoshoot was with Ekin with cars and I was not nervous at all. I walked out there and was like " ok how about like this? " lol 

XA - Do you remember you first pose?lol
Krystle- I do!! It was a booty shot!! lol 

XA - What's the one thing that you would tell a new model doing her first photo shoot?
Krystle- Go with confidence because you are the star! You control the outcome of that photo, so give it your all!"

XA - Are you dating or do you have that special one who cuddles
with you everynight?
Krystle- Well..... lol A girl never tells about a cuddle buddy lol However, I am single and waiting on my Prince Charming to arrive! lol 

XA - Do men always approach you? What's the best pick up line that was said to you, and did it work?
Krystle- Yeah men approach me often. Hmmm.... The best pick up line was also the funniest. Im walking down Jamaica Ave. in Queens when a guy i just passed starts screaming holding his heart " OMG, My Heart! My Heart! I cant Breath!!" I was so scared I ran to him and was like " Whats wrong? What happened? " He then stopped screaming and started to smile. He said " You are so beautiful you took my breath away" LMAO I guess it worked because I went out with him for Pizza the next day lol 

XA - Have you ever made the first move?
Krystle- No!!! I think its my Pride!! lol Thats not my job!! You fellas are supposed to go for what you want! LOL

XA  - Tell us something about yourself that has nothing to do with modeling?
Krystle- I dance, sing and I love to cook!!!! I make the best spanish food ever!! Yummy

XA - Is there anything that makes you mad, you have to say that sucks?
 Krystle- I get mad at cars on the road that just stay there!! " Hello the light has been green for liek two seconds now" lol 

XA - Some women are meant to run wild, are you that type, or is it you're more tame?
 Krystle- Hmmm. I think that there is a time and place for everything. I know how to conduct myself in the proper manner of environment lol ;) 

XA - is your sex drive like a drive thru need it open 24 hours or like a hoopty,
hoping you get there?
Krystle- Well don't you wanna get down and dirty huh!! Lets just say Sex is a must!! lol
XA - Thumbs Up!!! lol

XA - Ok in your bio, your mom is your biggest fan, was she the first one in your family that 
you told   you was going to model?
Krystle- My Mom is the best!! lol She walks around the supermarket with my pics in her phone stopping everyone when I send her a new pic saying " oh this is my daughter" lol My Mom was the first person I told :)

XA - Did she give you any advice before your first shoot? and would you ever
 bring her to one?
Krystle- I would bring her to all of my shoots if she wanted to go!! lol The day before my shoot I try on everything and model at home!! They tell me what looks good and what doesn't lol.

XA - Ok what's new that you have in the works, that you want us to check out?
Krystle- Well I have a couple more surprises for 2011 and you should all check out my Model Mayhem page www.modelmayhem.com/799852. Also lets get " Welcome to my Hood" to that #1 spot on 106 and Park :)

XA - Show some love and say something to all your fans?
Krystle- I want to give a shout out to everyone that has been supporting me!!! Special S/O to Danny, Tamika, Kayla, Trina, Ati, Titi Mita, Mommy, Daddy and all of my family and friends. S/O to all of my follwers on Twitter and my friends on Facebook :) And a Big S/O to all of the Haterz out there, without you I wouldn't strive harder to prove ya'll wrong :) 

XA - When it's time for bed, lingerie
or being naked?
Krystle- Naked! lol 

XA - Would you like to see your man in
boxers or briefs? 
Krystle- Boxers

XA - Is anything off limit
when it comes to sex?
Krystle- Hmmm ask my ex lol 

XA - Does size matters?
Krystle-  Lmao It all depends on
how you work it!! LOL

XA - Ever  do the Katie Perry?
Krystle- Hmmm I would ask my friend Stephanie Capilla about that one! LOL
XA - LOL!!!

XA - Last one, What would you do if I left you in a room with a camera
and a jar of honey? 
Krystle- MMMMM Honey!!! I would probably try to sell it to you!! lol Im great at selling anything especially when its edible lmao
XA - LMAO!!! How you gonna sell me my own jar of honey?
That's a Brooklyn Girl!! True Hustler lol

XA - Thank you, Krystle Vega for this interview, if you want to see more of her
here are a few links

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