Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Xxotic Angels March Feature Lauren Jacobs

Measurements:  34 , 25 , 36 
Height: 5'5
Weight: 119
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Birthday:September 10 
Hometown: cincinnati
Twitter @laurenjacobsnet

Booking Info: 

Xxotic Angels Feature
Lauren Jacobs

Interview by New York

XA - Hey Lauren, how's everything Babygirl? 
Lauren- I am Great Thank you.  

XA - Ok, how long have you been modeling? 
Lauren- I Have been modeling about 4 years now.

XA - Tell everyone where they might have seen you before? 
Lauren- I have been in Smooth Girl , Show , I have been featured With Maxim to name a few. 

XA - What was it like doing, the show Wild N' Out? 
Lauren- I loved doing Wild ' N Out , We Did two episoes a day for 2 weeks it was a great experience I got to work with amazing people. 

XA - Did everyone hang out together after taping of the show? 
Lauren- Yeah I made some really good friends , The days were very long 

XA - A singer, actress, and a dancer 
you are a tripple threat. 
Do you feel you have to be that way 
now in the industry?  
Lauren- I think it makes it easier because you have lots of options, 
I grew up doing musical theatre so everything came easily . 

XA - Where do you get you drive from? 
Lauren- I get my Drive from my Mother, 
She is a very strong independent Women 
and She always taught me to work hard.

XA - At what age did you make 
the move by yourself to LA.? 
Lauren- I started booking commercials 
and got My SAG card and moved in the middle 
of my senior year in highschool , I would send assignemnts back and forth. 

XA - Was you scared being alone in a new city? 
Lauren- Im The only child so I am very good with being by myself and adapting to new situations.  

XA - So your moms works with the Cincinnati Bengals cheerleaders? Did you ever think of being an NFL cheerleader? 
Lauren- I never really thought about that cheering is not my thing and I grew up around it and I always enjoyed theatre instead. 

XA - What was high school like, did any of the girls or guys ask to come see the NFL cheerleaders?
(I might of asked once) lol 
Lauren- Yes , Alot lol people always wanted to go to games ha ha and still do 

XA - Your Sexiset feature that you get compliments on? 
Lauren- my lips
XA - Yes they are juicy
(things in my mind don't type) lol 

XA - For all the guys 
drooling right now (myself included) 
Are you single? lol 
Lauren- yes I am : ) 

XA - and if single where is 
the line we need to stand on, to ask for a chance?lol 
Lauren- Im focusing on myself right now so there is no line ha ha 

XA - What is it that a guy must know first before he can go on a date with you? 
Lauren- I love confident , intellegent men  . Just be relaxed and have fun!

XA - Is your sex drive like two squirrels chasing each other or like two turtles taking their time to reach the ocean?lol 
Lauren- Turtles 

XA - I subcribed to your youtube channel, and your videos are too funny.lol Is being a comedian in the works? 
Lauren- I have a very unique personality , sometimes I just say what comes to the top of my head ..lol which is good and bad but if you hang out with me you will always have a good laugh. 
XA - lol I can believe it.

XA - What do you have coming up that we need to pay attention to? 
Lauren- Just working on different projects at the moment excited about this year!

XA - Show some love to your fans?
Lauren- I want to thank everyone of you for supporting me. You are the best fans in the world.

XA- Would you ever do Playboy? and why? 
Lauren- yes , Im not opposed to im very comfterable in my skin and I think playboy is very artistic and classy. 

XA - besides being naked what's the sexiest thing you like to wear to turn on a man? 
Lauren- boy shorts are my fave : ) 

XA - Which would you rather have, a good 
night of sex or a great boyfriend? 
Lauren- great boyfriend . 

XA - Are you attracted woman? and tell us your Katie Perry moment with a girl? 
Lauren- I love beautiful women but im not in to girls in that way. 

XA  - Do you watch or own any porn?
Lauren-  : ) 
XA - LMAO!!!

XA - I would like to Thank Lauren Jacobs for this interview.

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